Does the climate movement need democracy?

Nadia Kanji has mobilized more people for climate action than any other group, but is there something missing?

On September 3rd, I attended the only Canadian stop of the People's Climate Tour at Montreal's Concordia University. Many gathered in the auditorium to witness a skit by climate justice activists, a photographer's powerful images of communities who will be facing the brunt of the Energy East Pipeline, and speeches by anti-racist activist Shaina Agbayani, human rights activist from Kanehsatà:ke Ellen Gabriel, and founder of Bill McKibben.

A range of emotions could be observed in the crowd. Some people smirked and participated in the opening song about climate justice, while others watched with intensity, absorbing every word. As McKibben took to the stage to finish off the event, an audience member, Amanda Lickers, interrupted him toward the end of his speech. She expressed that 350's campaigns aren't addressing pertinent issues relating to Indigenous rights and capitalism.