Global Strike For Future March 15 is growing fast - now in at least 1325 cities in 98 countries Press release • Mar 13

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[Editor: Note location for Vancouver event on March 15 is now the Vancouver Art Gallery not Jack Pole Plaza.  See FACEBOOK event page ]

Google translation of Swedish press release

Global Strike For Future March 15 is growing fast - now in at least 1325 cities in 98 countries

Press release • Mar 13, 2019 08:15 CET
Greta Thunberg's climate strike spreads rapidly. Every day new groups join climate-related people around the world. Before the Global Strike For Future on Friday 15 March, climate manifestations are now registered in 1325 cities in a total of 98 countries. The number of places where it is to be manifested has tripled in two weeks. In Sweden, there will be manifestations in at least 114 municipalities.
See the list of all places and countries here.
- It is nice that we are so many people around the world who care about the climate crisis and will participate now on Friday. I hope that the world's politicians and influential people will also get out from the shadows and fight for my generation instead of against it, ”says Emmy Wahlström, climate strike in Umeå.
Already at two degrees of warming, billions of people are at risk of suffering from water scarcity and flooding. The coral reef dies out. Harvests, fish catches, biodiversity decrease dramatically. It shows the latest UN Global Panel on Global Warming of 1.5º C, which is based on 6,000 scientific findings.
- We do not need any more visionary speeches from politicians. We require a clear timetable from the EU, the parliament, county councils and municipalities on binding carbon dioxide budgets and a transition policy that secures the 1.5-degree goal in a fair manner, ”says Andreas Magnusson, climate strike and spokesman for Global Strike for Future in Falun.
In the Paris Agreement, the world's governments promised to protect the future from rampant climate change through a policy that surely keeps the rise of Earth's average temperature well below 2 degrees with a view of no more than 1.5 degrees. What the countries have so far promised in their climate plans leads to a world that gets warmer at least three degrees. And already, at a degree warmer temperature, we see extreme drought, storms, floods and melting polaris.
- The outlook looks increasingly disastrous. We urge the country's students, adults, associations and companies to do common things with us students and students in #FridaysForFuture. Help mobilize for climate strikes and support manifestations, and we'll see you on Friday! says Isabelle Axelsson, student and spokesperson for Global Strike for Future in Stockholm.
The last four years are the hottest ones that have been measured and extreme weather in line with the forecasts of science are becoming more common. The Indian state of Kerala suffered the worst floods since the 1920s and 1.4 million people left their homes. Western Japan suffered from major floods, at least 230 people died and thousands left their homes. Eastern Australia has suffered severe drought and heavy fires. In the United States, the city of Paradise was completely destroyed after a terrible storm of fire.
The summer of 2018 was a record heat in the northern hemisphere. Here in Sweden it led to, among other things, a severe drought, falling groundwater levels and forest fires.
Locations and countries to date ready for Global Strike For Future on March 15, 2019
See the international list (resorts and countries) here.
So far, the following places (for places and times follow the link) are ready in Sweden:
Alingsås, Aneby, Arboga, Bollebygd, Bollnäs, Borås, Borlänge, Båstad, Ekerö, Eksjö, Eskilstuna, Eslöv, Falkenberg, Falköping, Falun, Gnesta, Gislaved, Gothenburg, Cathedral Cathedral, Gävle, Halmstad, Haparanda, Hedemora, Helsingborg, Hjo, Huddinge (Stockholm), Härnösand, Hörby, Hudiksvall, Högnäs, Järfälla, Jönköping, Kalmar, Karlstad, Katrineholm, Knivsta, Kramfors, Kristianstad, Kristinehamn, Kungälv, Laholm, Landskrona, Linkoping, Ljungby, Ludvika, Lulea, Lund, Lysekil. , Malmö, Mariestad, Mora, Munkedal, Månkarbo, Nacka, Nora, Norberg, Norrköping, Norrtälje, Nyköping, Orsa, Oskarshamn, Robertsfors, Rättvik, Salem, Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Skellefteå, Skutskär, Skövde, Stockholm - Mynttorget / Riksdagen, Stockholm Frescati (University), Strängnäs, Strömsund, Sundsvall, Saffle, Söderhamn, Södertälje, Sörforsa, Tanum, Torsby, Torsö, Tranemo, Tranås, Trelleborg, Trollhättan, Tungelsta, Tyringe, Nykvarn, Trosa, Taby, Umeå, Uppsala, Vallsa , Vimmerby, Vadstena, Varberg, Vaxholm, Vetlanda, Vingåker, Vännäs, Värnamo, Västervik, Västerås, Växjö, Visby, Ystad, Ånge, Åre, Årsta (Stockholm), Ängelholm, Örbyhus, Örebro, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund.
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