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URGENT: Act to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Mike Hudema
Greenpeace Logo


An urgent situation is unfolding across the border in the US.

Following a directive from Donald Trump, the US Army Corps of Engineers is about to grant the final permit needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. The time to act is NOW.

The rights of the Standing Rock Sioux and all the water protectors, who have been resisting this pipeline for months, are being trampled. The US government is placing corporate profit over Indigenous sovereignty, and oil over water. Construction on the pipeline could begin again as soon as tomorrow — and major banks are backing the project.

Tell Citibank, one of the largest funders of the Dakota Access Pipeline, that it must pull funding today! 

The Dakota Access Pipeline can still be stopped — but we have to double down on our solidarity and cut off the flow of money to the project. 

Indigenous water protectors at Standing Rock have shown us that uncompromising resistance gets results. While they do their part from the ground to protect sacred lands and clean water, you can do yours by putting pressure on Citibank. 

Take urgent action today to ask key funder Citibank to withdraw its support for the Dakota Access Pipeline!

As we stand with First Nations in Canada to fight pipelines, let’s also stand with Tribes south of the border and keep fossil fuels in the ground. 
Citibank takes the complaints of people like you very seriously — every message sent could mean the loss of a customer or potential customer, adding to the growing tide of Indigenous resistance. So let’s make sure they hear us! 

We must resist.

In solidarity,



Mike Hudema
Climate & Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada

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