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Posted: 17/02/19
Six new books expose environmentalism’s false friends, analyse the idea of ‘environment’, explain renewable energy, trace the history of oceans, expose Monsanto’s Round-Up, and examine UK science denial
Posted: 13/02/19
An appeal from David Suzuki: The activists who are fighting the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion need your help now! 
Posted: 13/02/19
How can socialism be rejuvenated to ensure social parity, democratic processes, and environmental sustainability for humanity?
Posted: 12/02/19
To bring about meaningful change, the resolution proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must be part of an ecological revolution with a broad social base.
Posted: 04/02/19
Defenders of capitalism claim global poverty is declining. Their arguments are intellectually dishonest and unsupported by facts.
Posted: 31/01/19
Climate is just one part of the Earth System. If we focus on that alone, we will misunderstand the complexity of the danger posed by unprecedented planetary change.
Posted: 30/01/19
A Marxist perspective on the mass Indigenous movement that is in the vanguard of the fight for climate justice in Canada
Posted: 20/01/19
‘Farming, Food and Nature’ offers a powerful critique of industrial livestock production, but fails to challenge the profit-system that drives it.
Posted: 17/01/19
Start the new year with these new books for reds and greens. End of the Megafauna. Brave New Arctic. The Big Heat. The End of Ice. Socialist Register 2019.
Posted: 14/01/19
New report shows that recent extreme weather could not have happened without warming caused by human-induced climate change.