Climate/Capitalism feed

Posted: 23/07/17
Every year, 361,000 children under 5 years die due to diseases caused by poor sanitation and contaminated water
Posted: 21/07/17
South African activist Patrick Bond says we need to generate international solidarity for climate justice by imposing popular sanctions against Trump and US corporations.  
Posted: 18/07/17
We must understand how can we slow down changes that have already begun, which changes we can reverse, and how we can adapt those we can’t stop
Posted: 03/07/17
Climate & Capitalism will resume operations on or about July 18.
Posted: 30/06/17
Agribusiness giants cause food insecurity and environmental degradation, while promoting the myth that industrial agriculture can feed the world better than small-scale, family farms.
Posted: 29/06/17
Victor Hugo’s masterpiece includes a powerful attack on the urban wastefulness that steals nutrients from farms. Like Marx and Engels, he based his critique on the work of the chemist Justus von Liebig.
Posted: 26/06/17
Martin Empson says Ian Angus’s new book makes the case for a renewed synthesis between science and the humanities, using the insights offered by both to develop a strategy for action. 
Posted: 20/06/17
A comprehensive response to scientific objections to formally recognizing a new unit of geological time shows that the Anthropocene cannot be dismissed as a scientific fad
Posted: 16/06/17
In the Introduction to his new book, Ian Angus says ecosocialism must be based on a careful and deliberate synthesis of Marxist social science and Earth System science — a twenty-first century rebirth of scientific socialism.
Posted: 13/06/17
There is much to admire in Naomi Klein’s new book, but she underestimates the danger posed by Trumpism, and doesn’t pose a real alternative. She calls for a Leap, but it isn’t high enough or far enough.