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Posted: 17/03/18

How can climate justice activists stop capitalism’s drive to catastrophe? The author of Fossil Capital considers lessons from past revolutions and proposes an action program for today.
Posted: 15/03/18

Neo-colonial ‘developmentalist’ forces with a green sheen are evicting and murdering people in the guise of conservation and climate change mitigation
Posted: 13/03/18

Six new books on the science for the people movement, health care under capitalism, the criminalizing of poverty, Yemen in crisis, the origins of everything, and communism and democracy
Posted: 11/03/18

“Avoids dogmatism and is open to a range of views.” Le Devoir reviews new French translation of Facing the Anthropocene, and interviews its author, Ian Angus
Posted: 09/03/18

The government’s decision to build the dam makes it abundantly clear that the struggle to defend indigenous rights and the environment must be build outside of  parliament
Posted: 05/03/18

Will the EU ban technology that electro-shocks fish into nets before bottom-dwelling fish in the North Sea are driven to extinction?
Posted: 05/03/18

Turkish socialist describes growing understanding that Marx’s ideas on ecology are important, and that the oppression of labor, women and oppressed peoples is not separate from the crisis of nature and ecosystems
Posted: 04/03/18

Éric Pineault: In ‘Facing the Anthropocene,’ Ian Angus offers a critique of capitalist modernity based on a vision of liberation shaped by the recognition of substantial and real ecological limits
Posted: 02/03/18

Utopias are necessary. But not only are they insufficient: they can be part of  the system, the bad totality that organises us, warms the skies, and condemns millions to peonage on garbage scree.
Posted: 26/02/18

Converting to renewables isn’t enough. The majority of the world’s people will be denied a good quality of life unless their energy sources increase substantially