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Posted: 18/10/18
Can the Working Class Change the World? Plagues and the Paradox of Progress. Fishing and Civilization. History of Fossil Fuel. Monopoly Seeds and the Fight to Save Food
Posted: 16/10/18
An important work of Marxist history and theory restores class struggle to central place in explaining how capitalism arose and grew, and can eventually be overcome
Posted: 15/10/18
137 words and two graphs. A climate scientist demolishes the world’s leading climate science denier
Posted: 11/10/18
Implicitly challenging the weak 2016 Paris Agreement, scientists say climate change is part of the broader global emergency and any responses must reflect that.
Posted: 09/10/18
Plastic pollution is now reaching some of the most remote areas of Earth. Scientists find 100 times more plastic debris on isolated South Atlantic islands than 30 years ago. 
Posted: 08/10/18
Major report finds that global climate outlook is far worse than previously thought; calls for immediate and sweeping change to prevent catastrophe
Posted: 01/10/18
Proposals to remove all humans from half of the Earth ignore the root causes of the biodiversity crisis and undermine progressive struggles for social justice.
Posted: 30/09/18
New books: Essays for Richard Levins … The Earth is not for Sale … Defending Howard Zinn … The Rise of Capitalism … Degrowth …  Climate Justice … Below Freezing
Posted: 25/09/18
Corporate giants are driving the world towards environmental disaster. Will self-preservation force them to pull back and end the destruction?
Posted: 25/09/18
Climate & Capitalism strongly endorses this appeal. The work SftP does is essential to building a radical, science-based movement, so please help if you can.