Climate/Capitalism feed

Posted: 20/09/17
What will happen after the destruction caused by Harvey and Irma? The experience of New Orleans after Katrina shows what to expect when capitalists profit from disaster.
Posted: 19/09/17
Five new books for green-left activists, on urban climate change, past mass extinctions, tropical rainforests, religious anti-science, and the end of Arctic ice.
Posted: 19/09/17
The failure of modern food production derives from the nature of our economic system, which considers everything and everyone a commodity. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Posted: 18/09/17
Ecosocialist Notebook: A visit to two historic sites in London prompts thoughts about the role of individuals in history, and the possibility that Marxism might never have happened.
Posted: 15/09/17
Serious energy policy must address overproduction, overconsumption and inequality. Without that, promises of an economy based on 100% renewable energy are misleading and dangerous.
Posted: 12/09/17
For Discussion: Patricia Mann says that building networks of renewable energy microproduction could be the basis for a mass anticapitalist movement. What do you think?
Posted: 07/09/17
Climate-related catastrophe is now not just an additional hazard for the world’s poor, but a central factor in their oppression and poverty.
Posted: 05/09/17
HELP WANTED: What books would you include on basic and advanced reading lists for red-greens and green-reds?
Posted: 01/09/17
Houston is the city where capitalism’s victory over nature is the most complete — and also where nature takes its ultimate revenge
Posted: 26/08/17
In ‘Facing the Anthropocene’ Ian Angus shows that the earth system crisis originated in specific developments in late capitalism arising out of WWII. He also tells us who our enemies are.