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Posted: 14/12/18
New evidence not only strengthens the EPA’s 2009 endangerment finding, it shows that greenhouse gas impacts could be much worse than expected 
Posted: 14/12/18
Jonathan Neale says climate activists must reject climate taxes: they harm the poor, and do little to actually slow climate change
Posted: 12/12/18
Québec solidaire, which won 16% of the popular vote in October, will make climate change its main political campaign in the coming year
Posted: 10/12/18
70% of all bacteria live deep in the earth, constituting a reserve of carbon and biodiversity that vastly outnumbers and outweighs all humans combined
Posted: 06/12/18
“The melting and sea level rise we’ve observed already will be dwarfed as climate continues to warm”
Posted: 05/12/18
This year’s increase in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry is the largest in seven years. CO2 in the atmosphere has hit a new high.
Posted: 05/12/18
Five important new books for reds and greens. Dust Bowls of Empire. Oil, Power and War. The Big Muddy. Never Home Alone. The Neoliberal Diet.
Posted: 02/12/18
Thousands of Australian primary and high school students walked out of school on November 30 to demand real action on climate change. 
Posted: 29/11/18
Lancet climate change report shows worsening health risks from heat and heatwaves, infectious diseases, and food security
Posted: 25/11/18
Kohei Saito honored for his brilliant study of Marx’s views on the relationship between society and nature