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Posted: 15/08/18
A call for public discussion of the role of deindustrialization in building an alternative to the catastrophic course of 21st century capitalism.
Posted: 12/08/18
Can the global climate be stabilized before runaway change creates conditions that are too hot for human civilization and deadly for most species?
Posted: 11/08/18
“At the federal level there is a climate information vacuum of truth and at the state level there is no action.”
Posted: 05/08/18
The wealthier they are, the more they fear that others will try to take their wealth. No wonder the super-rich are building bunkers to escape the apocalypse.
Posted: 02/08/18
Reborn organization and magazine will combine writing on scientific issues, building a network of radical scientists, and acting for social justice
Posted: 02/08/18
It’s official: 2017 was the third-warmest year on record, and the hottest non-El Niño year. Greenhouse gases hit record highs and sea levels kept on rising
Posted: 01/08/18
In ‘The New Wild,’ Fred Pearce argues nature will restore itself if we just leave it alone. Is passive acceptance really the best response to biodiversity loss?
Posted: 30/07/18
Stan Cox says ecomodernists are far better at inventing technological fantasies than at finding ways to solve environmental crises
Posted: 29/07/18
“Fifty years ago biologists expected to be the first to find a species, now they hope not to be the last.”
Posted: 26/07/18
In honor of the relaunch of Science for the People, Climate & Capitalism is proud to co-publish this profile of a great scientific fighter for radical social change.