30th anniversary of the siege on Kanehsatà:ke July 11th: Call for actions in Solidarity

First Nations Leaders
EAO Demands CGL Stop Work in Protected Wetlands

Video Resources on the 30th Anniversary of "Oka"
**If Tomorrow is too short notice please organize actions throughout the month of July. The Siege on Kahnasatake lasted 78 days

"In 1990, we (Wet’suwet’en community members) held a solidarity blockade, during #Oka. Our youth passed out pamphlets & read them to vehicle occupants.
In February 2020, people #ShutDownCanada - and our extended Mohawk family made a massive impact & calls to action - and people listened. The Gitxsan then responded. All were met with police violence and arrests.

We saw so many other Nations stand up and show their strength, and sooooo many allies become accomplices  Change comes through solidarity. A big part of solidarity is taking the initiative to stand for others, and carrying some of the weight. The outcome of this, will be indicative of how much force the colonial system can use... and they’ve already refused to remove the rcmp from our territories - and nobody knows why they’re here. CGL doesn’t have permission.

We are so grateful to amazing collectives who share info and organize - this is a #repost from @blackpowderpress 
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Call for solidarity! July 11 marks the 30th anniversary of Oka, when the military of the Canadian government attacked unceded indigenous land in order to clear the way for development. Today indigenous communities across Canada and across the globe are still fighting to defend their lands from resource devouring capitalists and the governments that attempt to subdue any resistance to their interests.

The Wet'suwet'en continue to fight for their land, against encroachments by big oil & gas and their dirty pipeline, and the RCMP (federal police) who are there to harass, intimidate, and arrest anyone who gets in the way of industry. The land is unceded, and has been inhabited by the Wet'suwet'en for thousands and thousands of years before Canada even existed. They have never consented to a pipeline being built through this pristine and ecologically sensitive area, and continue to struggle against this invasion.

This July 11, stand in Solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en and their fight for their sovereignty and for their land. If there is no action near you, plan one."

If you can't do an action on the 11th plan one for the near future and tell us about it so we can help promote it! Details on upcoming action below

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"Coastal GasLink has been forced to stop pipeline construction near protected wetlands after an inspection by the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office found the company cleared areas without completing the required surveying and planning.

Coastal GasLink was issued two non-compliance orders in June and now has to complete the surveys before the project can proceed in the affected areas.


“We are still in opposition,” she says emphatically. “People should know that. The eviction order stands. And we’ll enforce that eviction order.”

Sleydo’ Molly Wickham says things could get heated again.  

“This is a really important time in our history. This isn’t just going to go away. I feel like this is going to be increasingly tense. I don’t think people are willing to be pacified anymore with all of the cumulative injustices that are happening, and they’re coming to a head.”

Call out for Solidarity Actions
Public Rally in so called Ontario 

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Take action and educate yourself on the history of the siege of Kanehsatake 

Use the video resources below to educate yourself and others in your community. 

Consider hosting a screening of any of these films and Invasion to educate your community and build organization for the ongoing struggle
30 year anniversary video with Ellen Gabriel

"It’s been 30 years since the siege of Kanehsatà:ke, popularly known as “the Oka Crisis” when Quebec provincial police and the Canadian armed forces attacked the Mohawk community of Kanehsatà:ke, over the Mohawks refusal to let the municipality of Oka expand a golf course into their cemetery. Kanehsatà:ke resident Ellen Gabriel resident witnessed these events first hand."

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The Oka Crisis in 5 Minutes

Interview with Gord Hill
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance 

Watch the full length documentary here
The Struggle Continues! 
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