The City As A Site Of Struggle - Part 2

Vancouver Ecosocialist Group

Following are a series of videos of the event we held on March 22, 2018

'The City As A Site Of Struggle Part 2'.


On January 25, 2018 we held a first such event: 'The City As A Site Of Struggle''. The videos of this earlier event can be accessed here:


For both events we invited speakers with socialist or anti-capitalist perspectives who are active in different struggles in the city. We asked speakers to consider the following questions:  What needs to be done in different areas of struggle to win a more livable, socially just, and environmentally harmonized future? How can different struggles in the city which all confront the same forces of greed and oppression be linked together? 

From March22: 

Anne McDonald Intro - The City as a Site of Struggle 2

Climate Justice Tactics & Strategy – Gene McGuckin

Tenancy, Poverty, Colonization - Kell Gerling

Understanding Displacement - Harsha Walia

Discussion - the City as a Site of Struggle 2