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Rising Tide North America Collective

The Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline is spilling into drinking water aquifers, on sacred sites, and feeding catastrophic climate change, and this pipeline wouldn’t be possible without major insurers backing the project.

Lloyd’s of London, one of the major insurers- has a terrible racist track record, having its first major financial gains in insuring slave vessels crossing the Atlantic. The Black Lives Matter movement in the UK is calling on Lloyd’s for direct reparations to families of those who were killed and otherwise harmed through Lloyd’s business, and descendants are demanding equitable financial consideration.

Call Lloyd's today to demand they drop the Trans Mountain pipeline and fund Black reparations at 1 (212) 382-4060 ext 2


  • Drop Trans Mountain tar sands insurance coverage
  • Reparations for Black communities
  • Develop an Indigenous rights policy for projects

While Lloyd’s is making statements on racism and apologizing calling it's role “shameful” in systemic racism as though it is old history, Lloyd’s is still continuing to ignore Indigenous rights and insuring massive fossil fuel projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada and the Adani Carmicheal coal plant in Australia.

These major fossil fuel projects harm through increasing cancer rates at sites of extraction and refining, and driving climate change that disproportionately harms communities of color, and ignoring Indigenous human rights to Free Prior and Informed Consent.

Activists were outside Lloyd's office early this morning in the London calling on the company to drop Trans Mountain and Adani projects, you share the news on social media with the hashtag #StopTMX

Call right now to stand against environmental racism at 1 (212) 382-4060 ext 2

Example Script

"My name is __ , I am calling with concerns regarding Lloyd’s of London insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline against Indigenous communities’ consent. Drop the Trans Mountain pipeline, develop Indigenous rights policies for all of your underwriting, and fund Black reparations instead of doing business with tar sands pipelines.”

Thanks for taking action today!

the Rising Tide North America Collective