Jim Pattison roe herring vessels headed to confrontation with Tl'aamin Nation at Powell River as DFO again begins herring assessment against the wishes of Tl'aamin

David Ellis 


March 7, 2021

Dear Ms. Chant [personal secretary to Mr. Jimmy Pattison owner of Canadian Fishing Company] may I suggest that Mr. Jim Pattison ask the DFO to stop their herring assessment in preparation for a roe herring fishery in Tl'aamin territory this week. It is unconscionable and wrong to go against the wishes of this First Nations community, to now finally restore this community fishery for herring eggs, an important part of Tl'aamin culture. May I also suggest that Mr. Jimmy Pattison now adopt a "First Nations Matter" policy that will enable First Nations to rebuild their family herring fisheries along the entire coast of British Columbia. Goggle "Let the Herring Live" conference.

The Tl'aamin Nation at Powell River has noted on past years that they will take direct action to stop roe herring fishing boats. 2020 was the first spawn at Tl'aamin after a roe herring fishery in 1983 put an end to the Tl'aamin community fishery for herring egg on cedar branches traditional nutrition food goggle "John Louie herring school". Today a dfo seine test vessel was working at Scuttle Bay (see below) where SFU Archeologist Dr. Dana Lepofsky and her crew of young Tl'aamin summer archeological workers found continuous Tl'aamin herring use for 1000s of years.

David Ellis 
B.A. M.Sc. (honours) UBC. Natural Resources Planning,  SCARP. Former Head, Pacific Fishes, COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada)
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Hegus Clint Williams, Tl'aamin
The Honourable Bernadette Jordan
Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard
The Right Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau 
Mr. Eric Pelkey Wic'kinem WSANEC. Lead spokesman on herring fishery closure in the Salish Sea to rebuild First Nations culture and diet
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip President of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

On dfo website today:
Lund to Atrevida--------------Mar 5: 2,000 tons
Atrevida to Mill--------------Mar 6: 600 tons
Test: Mar 6 on 200 tons at Scuttle Bay. 8.5%;17.6cm; 72.0m:52.0f; 47-2-3-0-20; (18.4:70.0)
Harwood Island----------------Mar 4: 200 tons
Mill to Myrtle Rk-------------Mar 4: 675 tons

Total Area 15: 3,000 tons (assessment incomplete)