Labour Organizing, Strikes, and the Green New Deal.

The Leap

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The second On Fire book club conversation: Labour Organizing, Strikes, and the Green New Deal. Yesterday, we were joined by Meredith Whittaker, Lauren Burke, Raj Patel, and Deena Ladd for a captivating conversation about building worker power across silos: from bridging the divide between unionized and non-unionized workers, to connecting climate justice with other struggles.

You can watch a recording of the full webinar here. Please share this with your friends and family!

Thank you for reading along with us, and for sharing such insightful ideas and questions with our speakers. As Meredith said at the end of our call, building relationships under capitalism is a radical act — we’re so glad to be building with you.

Stay tuned for registration details for our third and final book club session, which will be a live Q&A with Naomi Klein — taking place on November 18th at 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET.

In solidarity,

Jody Chan

Digital and Programming Manager, The Leap

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