Media mogul David Black makes another pitch for his northern refinery

CBC Staff

[VESG member reports:"David Black of Black Press was on the CBC Early Edition this morning arguing against Kinder Morgan and for setting up a refinery on the north coast instead (Prince Rupert?).  He had some interesting nuggets on the Exxon Valdez grounding.

1) The ship lost only 8% of its load. [Editor: Black said an eighth of its load]

2) The most intensive part of the cleanup took four years.

3) 11,000 workers and 1,400 vessels were involved.

4) Only 7% of the spill was actually able to be cleaned up.

5) The products spilled were light (floatable) petroleum distillates.  A bitumen spill, in contrast, would see 50% go straight to the bottom.

Cheery fun facts."]

Media mogul David Black says his own plan to build a oil refinery in Kitimat would boost the economy better than the TransMountain project, and protect the environment.  Listen here to the piece Jan. 5, 2017: