More “Hot Air” from COP27

Tim Louis
COP27 sign

Nov. 25, 2022

COP27 is over, and I am devastated by the magnitude of its failure.

If ever there was a need for decisive action by world leaders, it is now. That is because if we have not already passed the point of no return, we are perilously close.

Yet COP27 produced no commitment to phase out oil and gas production. No commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

What it did produce was a commitment to create a Loss and Damage Fund for Vulnerable Countries to compensate those countries suffering the utter devastation and destruction caused by global warming in the developing world.

Imagine for a moment there is a known arsonist on the loose in your neighbourhood. They are causing death and destruction on a daily basis.

A neighbourhood meeting is called to take action. Those present at the meeting decide not to arrest the arsonist. They decide not to even prevent the arsonist from continuing their criminal behaviour. They decide only to ask the arsonist to make payments to the homeowners and businesses who are suffering the losses of their homes and possessions and to those whose lives are being endangered.

To make matters even worse, the payments will only be sufficient to pay for part of the ongoing damage and devastation.

At COP27 there were a greater number of oil and gas industry representatives attending than there were delegates from any one frontline community affected by the climate crisis. Only the United Arab Emirates had a larger delegation.

Now imagine, if you will, a conference on how to reduce cancer where the conference organizers not only allowed, but in fact have actively welcomed, lobbyists from all of the tobacco companies.

What is the point of meeting if not to truly take on the root causes of these critical problems?

Even noted climate activist Greta Thunberg chose not to attend COP27, criticizing it as a forum for “greenwashing”, with the space for civil society participation extremely limited.

But one must always hold out hope. To do otherwise, is to be a defeatist.

If you do want to be uplifted, watch Just Stop Oil activist Phoebe Plummer, as she addresses Presenter Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Newsnight.