Moving Forward After the People's Climate March

Kamran Nayeri
New York Climate March

. . . it is doubtful if many participants returned home thinking that the U.S. and world elites have heard their message and will now collaborate on a plan to slow and then stop emission of greenhouse gases in a timely fashion. Two-decades of fruitless international ‘negotiations’ have made any thinking person skeptical about the intentions of capitalist politicians and corporate leaders who are after their own narrow self-interests rather than the health of the planet and its peoples. The key accomplishment of these protests was the broad collaborative effort of many constituencies who are serious about putting an end to greenhouse emissions and address other planetary crises and the message they sent to the rest of the people of the world. We can build on the success of this march and similar events to continue bottom up pressure for change in climate and public policy in the U.S. and worldwide. To this end, I will take up a few lessons from our recent experience.