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". . . workers should have a right to do no harm to future generations.."

". . . It's my hope that this is just the beginning.  People are obviously seeing the value in standing together and so I'm looking forward to talking with other labour organizations, other employers, other individuals, . . .

" It is our hope that we can create a safe place where workers can stand up together and say we want to see this change where we work. " 

" I think the labour movement can really be a key part of the climate solution.  Our numbers are large.  When you see 4,000, 10,000, 100,000 people pushing for something it's just that much bigger, right, it's carbon savings x 100,000 people . . ."

" It is my greatest hope that we can use a right to operate a clean energy vehicle as a rallying cry for workers to stand together, create a labour movement to tackle the climate crisis. . ."

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