Public transit for people, not profit

Vancouver Ecosocialist Group
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Jan. 11, 2023

Everyone conscious of the problem of global warming understands that we must have fewer private cars on our streets. By lowering the cost of public transit (and ultimately to make it free) and increasing its accessibility, more riders will be attracted to it. Why can’t we have more buses and trains coming to more stops in neighbourhoods? Why can’t we make transit more affordable for people of lower income? Providing more public transit for less would be a step toward climate rationality and justice.

But TransLink is moving in precisely the opposite direction! Its bottom line is not to serve the needs of people! Its policy is to provide less for more.

While many cities, states and countries are lowering transit fares and increasing service, TransLink is doing the opposite.

On March 29, 2023 the TransLink Board is due to vote on a 2.3% fare increase that would raise maybe an extra $3M out of a budget of $2B. TransLink also does not want to change the unfair 3 zones system that has been in existence since 1984. The zone system penalizes Vancouver riders that account for 50% of the regional ridership with only 25% of the population.


TransLink has also cut bus services on 50 bus routes over the last 3 years. Some cuts are up to 43% on a single bus route. Many other cuts and bad changes have been implemented by TransLink since 2001. TransLink has failed us badly since it took over in 1999 spending very little money on our bus system that carries up to 70% of our riders.

The Vancouver Ecosocialist Group calls upon you to join us in demanding the reduction of fares and the restoration and increase of services rather than their reduction..