Rebel Daily 7: A fire they can’t put out

Extinction Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion - Oct. 15, 2019

October 15, 2019 by Extinction Rebellion

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Change takes time: even at the rate we’re going – and need to be going – it’s never going to happen all at once.

But things are changing. The past week has been a moment in history: to simply list the thousands of arrests, the many tens of thousands undertaking civil disobedience, would not do it justice. We have proven to the world that this rebellion is a truly global movement, growing rapidly within and between nations, and comprised of people with the selflessness, the creativity and the courage to resist the madness of this ecocidal system.

Rio. An artistic ‘Earth Demonstration’ onIpanema Beach


In each country, we’re only beginning to see the political and cultural ramifications. For all the actions we report here (even these are just some of many), it’s impossible to do justice to the hard work and love that goes into them, and the creativity, joy and community which result. There is little space to convey the significance of that action, and the impact it leaves on media discourse and national dialogue.

But rest assured, every act of disobedience sends ripples, big or small.

In the broadest frame, a media monitoring service informs us that in the last week, Extinction Rebellion has featured in 53,490 media pieces with a ‘potential audience’ reach of many millions. Our message is being heard on TVradioprint and online. And sure enough, online interest in our movement has shot through the roof.

Sri Lanka


As today’s stories show, this is not an interest contained to any single continent or country. A global crisis needs a global movement, and this is what we are becoming. At every level our actions this week have challenged mindsets, confronted systems and strengthened our movement with bonds of love and solidarity.

This International Rebellion isn’t over, but we’re already beginning to see its effects.

Credit: Raquel Natalicchio

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