The Site C Dam Is a Dangerous Mess - New Petition


Tell the BC Government to Protect the Peace River Valley Ecosystem

Listing out all the reasons why Site C must stop, this resolution demands an immediate termination of the dam, to prevent further harm to the environment and people, and waste of additional funds.

Frank Look at the Geological Disaster That is Site C

BC Hydro has finally released its late reports, showing that it is in the red, having burned through its contingency funds. It is admitting to geological problems it doesn't know how to solve. Throwing more money at it won't fix what is an unstable foundation to begin with. As recent landslides near the dam have shown, the earth is more powerful than these arrogant dam pushers.  See Lindsay Brown's very informative thread on the geological reasons why the Site C dam is doomed.

Environmental Racism Is Devastating the Peace Valley

Rita Wong recently travelled up to the Peace Valley and documented some of the destruction she witnessed. In the face of systemic violence against Indigenous people and the land, she prays for people to learn to respect the land before they cause their own extinction.
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