Site C dam project represents continuation of genocide

Diana Day
B.C. NDP nomination candidate Diana Day (right) is speaking out against the Site C dam.

Last week, I held a press conference with Harold Steves, former NDP MLA and a founder of the Agricultural Land Reserve, speaking out against the B.C. Liberal Site C dam. This project is not only a human-rights violation—depriving people of the right to food and water—but breaks Treaty 8 itself and, if constructed, will also be a contravention of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

It became evident while watching the legislature this week that Christy Clark’s government appears to have willfully absolved themselves of the law by conveniently forgetting any such details.

Christy Clark is selling off B.C.’s resources and ignoring, not enforcing, environmental laws and regulations, while continuing to wage a senseless war with B.C. teachers and offering us little more than her LNG “pipe dreams”. The people of B.C. need MLAs who actually represent the citizens and not the interests of internationally owned oil and LNG companies. Site C is not about providing electricity for British Columbians; instead it serves to subsidize B.C.’s oil, LNG, and mining industries, the products of which are being used to power foreign countries’ energy consumption needs.