You guys might as well join the Greens!


How does the provisional list [see earlier article titled "Provisional Points For Discussion" ] differ from any list offered by a non-ecosocialist entity? What makes ecosocialists different? A few points....

Yes to rapid transit, free buses, etc. easy to say, but not if they simply encourage urban sprall and generalized growth, which is exactly what happens.

Yes to alternative energy, but not as anywhere near an ultimate solution as the green capitalists and all the NGOs hope for...much more a commitment to dramatic contraction of the economy.... which any sober reading of the dictates of a liveable "carbon budget" demands, which of course means a much more radical call for the collapse of global capitalism. Remember that socialist banner?

Yes to opposition to coal shipments, etc. but a much wider call to organize a radical movement of civil disobedience against all at fossil fuel points of extraction, refinement, production, transportation. Yes, to disinvestment campaigns - that means all our RRSPs, union and pension plan funds and investments...

Democratization - excellent, let's start with democratizing the climate movement - ie. ending 'solidarity' with all the neo-liberalized NGOs built on corporate structures and guided by green capitalist ethics (have a detailed look at any of their websites). Have you looked at the governance structures lately within these organizations?

... further to this point... who are ecosocialist allies in our region? Greenpeace, Forest Ethics (Stand), Force of Nature (ie. Forest Ethics), Gregor Robertson, or are they groups fighting for socialist change/revolution, like the Alliance Against Displacement, Socialist Alliance, the FN Land Defenders, etc. - social groups fighting poverty, women's groups, more radical unions. Where does CCPA fit - looking at their analysis and agendas - are they radical, social democratic, liberal, etc.??? or do we take their "climate leadership" at face value?

....supporting "local community organizing" as an ecosocialist group should strengthen the more grassroots, democratic social groups rather than playing second fiddle to the mainstream "enviro movement" and their initiatives which in the end amount to little more than spectacle if they are willing to continually vote strategically and avoid confronting real power...

Carbon Tax - what is an ecosocialist stance? This I believe is worthy of discussion, rather than saying it is one more tool among many. Why not a hard stance against pricing nature, and generally against supporting the most prominent excuse within neo-liberal governments to avoid real structural change that challenges to an imminent, catastrophic death of the biosphere?

Lastly, can we really support any of the parties? The Liberals - no need to comment. NDP - all about jobs, jobs, jobs, all on a dead planet? Green - idiots and closet Liberals?

I'm also wondering where LEAP fits into all this?