Recent video on ATB's (Articulated Tug Barges) (The Nathan E Stewart was one)

Sierra Club
from the Sierra Club:
Please watch, and share our recent video on ATB's (Articulated Tug Barges) (The Nathan E Stewart was one).  We are looking into these elusive petroleum product shipments more and more.  One such finding is that they do business with KinderMorgan's Westridge terminal on a regular basis.



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“Rule-breaker” ATB oil tankers don’t belong near coastal communities. Take action to stop these dangerous shipments from slipping through loopholes:  

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ATB tankers pass close to coastal communities, putting our health and safety at risk. But there’s almost no way to find out what they’re carrying. Take action to defend BC’s coast from ATB tankers:  

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Did you know dangerous shipments of oil and volatile chemicals are putting BC’s coastline and communities at risk right now?  Please tell Canada's transport authorities to stop giving dangerous ATB tankers a free pass:  

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