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fracking for oil

Wall Street took the money the government lent them and plowed it straight into the fossil fuel industry.

Ben Santer

If he so desired, President Trump could go down in history as the man who transcended ego and ignorance by acting  to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Fat chance.

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In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, President Donald Trump claimed scientists who “believe” that humans are affecting global climate “have a very big political agenda.”

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Theresa Minor Terry in a tree-sit on her family's land. Heather Rousseau/The Roanoke Times via AP

From Appalachia to Louisiana, mostly ignored by the media, activists have been putting themselves in the path of bulldozers.

“What Do I Need to Know?”

Seamus McGraw
Valve turners Annette Klapstein and Emily Johnston were acquitted on Tuesday without using the necessity defense to justify their actions against climate change. Photo credit: Emily Johnston via Twitter

It ended almost as soon as it began.

In a stunning ruling that came just minutes after the jury was seated in the so-called valve turners trial in Clearfield County, Minn., the judge ruled that prosecutors had failed to meet their burden of proof that a group of activists had damaged a tar sands pipeline when they trespassed on private property to shut down the pipeline.

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Decent Jobs on a Living Planet

Opportunities for Publicly-run Energy Utilities to Revolutionize Generation and the Grid

Matt Maley
Seattle Teachers 2018

[Editor: 'Action Gets the Goods!' - A recent example of the power of organized labour.]

It is increasingly clear that educators’ unions have a new fighting spirit since the uprising of teachers in West Virginia last spring. The school year began with a wave of strike authorizations from LA to Seattle. Many of these votes were quite strong, United Teachers of Los Angeles voted by 98% to authorize a strike. In Seattle, however, the Seattle Education Association (SEA) held a strike authorization vote, but concluded negotiations without actually striking.

Will Parrish and Sam Levin
 Protests at Standing Rock during the resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

Documents suggest an aggressive response to possible protests against the oil pipeline amid fears of another Standing Rock

Rex Weyler

From: Rex Weyler <>
Date: Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 7:26 PM
Subject: Brown and Bloomberg Make Bold New Pledges, which are not remotely true


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