France begins nationwide strikes

Al Jazeera English; Reuters
France begins nationwide strikes, copes with major disruptions

Oct. 18, 2022
French trade unions have begun a nationwide strike to demand higher
salaries amid the highest inflation in decades, one of the biggest
challenges to President Emmanuel Macron since his reelection in May.

Tuesday’s strike, which primarily affects public sectors such as schools
and transportation, is an extension of the weeks-long industrial action
that has disrupted France’s major refineries and put petrol stations’
supply in disarray.

Al Jazeera:


Trains, schools affected as French unions call strike amid soaring

Regional train traffic in France was cut by about half on Tuesday as
several unions called a nationwide strike, seeking to capitalize on
anger with decades-high inflation to expand a weeks-long industrial
action at oil refineries to other sectors. There were also some
disruption to schools, as the strike primarily affected the public