Please Support Rocky Mountain Fort Campers

Yvonne Tupper
Please Support Rocky Mountain Fort Campers

Please Support Rocky Mountain Fort Campers



Yvonne Tupper



We been at camp now successfully for past 15 days! 

We are raising funds for upcoming projected court legal and legal team battles for the dedicated Rocky Mountain Fort Campers from January 1, 2016 who are willing to be arrested to protect the Peace Valley from further destruction.

We are up against a big Corporation - BC Hydro and government opposing no more of lifetime destruction of the Peace Valley - Peace River & Moberly River. We did not consent to this massive destruction and it is an insult to destroy when there are court cases pending both federal and provincially supreme courts. Thus far they had destroyed forever Eagle's nests, Beaver Dams, many other birds’ nests and animal dens, timber and changed the landscaping of this region. It must be stop.
We are standing true north and free to Save the Peace Valley. Every Canadian has the right to Protest and express their concerns- Canadian Human Rights and this mega dam is on Treaty 8 territory and Treaty rights matter will be put to the test in court systems.
Landowners & ranchers & farmers have a lot to use-their homes, farms and agricultural, if this destruction continues.
BC'-ians would lose a huge amount local fresh harvested foods from the Peace Region.

Dedicated Rocky Mountain Fort Campers in solidarity are: Treaty 8 Stewards of Land, Treaty 8 members-Elders & youths, Peace Valley Landowners and others who did not consent to this mega dam project- Dr David Suzuki and UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, and numerous entities and groups. 
Our goal is to continue to protect the Boreal forest all its habitats and environmental benefits we need as humans. It had old growth trees and historical value.
Our Northern- mini rain forest: all the habitats of the two & four legged animals, all that flies, and all the swim and air, land and waterways, Eagle island, historical sites and trails, ancestral grave sites, further destruction of the Peace River, it will effect air changes, weathering, all environmental concerns and pycho-social aspects of us, who choose to live here. 
All donations accepted will be for legal expenses.
▪Email transfers are not accepted at this time -only go fund me app.

▪On behalf of the Rocky Mountain Fort Campers thank you. 
▪join our social media campaign as well 
▪join other existing fb event pages and fb pages: Stop Site C, Treaty 8-No Dam Way my photos of Peace. And others.
Event page: Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land
▪In future, if goal is met we will be Initiating another Go Fund Me until Site C is stopped forever.