Videos: Unions and the climate change challenge

Gary Engler, Gene McGuckin, Karen Cooling

The BC Expansion Committee of the People's Social Forum held an assembly in Vancouver on April 24, 2014 to discuss climate change and oil and gas pipeline issues in BC. Watch this video session on 'Trade unions and climate change'.


- Gary Engler - Longtime Vancouver journalist who is currently vice-president of Unifor Local 2000 and author of The New Commune-ist Manifesto—Workers of the World It Really is Time to Unite.

- Gene McGuckin - Retired paperworker with a history of draft-dodging, peace activism, and serving as a local union officer and freelancing as an agitator for increased union democracy and militancy. Member of Vancouver Ecosocialist Group.

- Karen Cooling - Long time labour and environmental activist in her union, her community and in the NDP. She recently retired from Unifor but continues to work and volunteer on human rights, health and environmental issues.