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The following is a compilation of articles and interviews by Dr. Jason Hickel. He is an anthropologist and author at the University of London and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He serves on the UK Labour Party task force on international development. He is an advocate for global social equality and an advocate of ‘degrowth’ as a solution to the global warming emergency.

Michal Rozworski

Reconciliation is not just about rhetoric, it is material. It is about how economic costs and benefits are shared. If we are to be serious about it, we have to be ready to take on costs that are both political and economic. The sunk and termination costs of Site C are substantial and so are the foregone benefits of reliable baseload power. If we want our governments to take on these costs in our name without fear, we have to make it a common sense proposition that they are worth taking on to forge a new relationship with First Nations.

Stuart Jeffries
A vision of high-speed growth … a billboard features a magnetic levitation train in Shanghai. Photograph: Liu Jin/AFP
Renowned critic of capitalism David Harvey explores a growing awareness that the free market can’t give people want they really want and need

One third of children in the United States, still the richest country in the world according to David Harvey, live in poverty. They often, he writes, inhabit “toxic environments, suffer from hunger and lead poisoning even as they are denied access to elementary social services and educational opportunities”. This is the “madness of economic reason”.

George Monbiot,

Economic growth will destroy everything. There’s no way of greening it – we need a new system.

Published in the Guardian 22nd November 2017


Socialism — yes, socialism — is having a moment in America. And it’s hotter than ever among Philly millennials.

It’s one of those final, bittersweet fridays of the summer, and a dozen people are crowded around a picnic table at the el bar in fishtown. with their horn-rimmed glasses, hand-rolled cigarettes and lukewarm pbrs, they look like your standard-issue young hipsters. but here’s the difference between them and the men with manicured beards across the patio: these are card-carrying members of the democratic socialists of america, the largest socialist group in the nation.

Ian Angus

As the great American labor organizer and socialist Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones said: “Sit down and read.

Richard Smith

If we don’t change the conversation, if we don’t deal with the systemic problems of capitalism and come up with a viable alternative, our goose is cooked.

Benjamin Fong

Even casual readers of the news know that the earth is probably going to look very different in 2100, and not in a good way.


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