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Shawn McCarthy

March 22, 2018 - Methane emissions from oil and gas operations around Red Deer, Alta., in November, 2016, were 15 times higher than the levels that they reported to the provincial government, says a study in the journal, Elementa, released Thursday.

Nelson Bennett

NDP government to scrap LNG income tax, give PST exemption on plant construction

The B.C. government will scrap a special LNG income tax, exempt plant construction from the PST and charge LNG plants standard rates for electricity. 

Carol Linnett

B.C.’s scientific inquiry into fracking won’t address risks to public health, the government quietly assured the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) nearly six weeks before government publicly announced the inquiryon Thursday.

Diane Francis
[The proponents of Russiagate ​are becoming unhinged! Turns out that the reason LNG ​development ​isn't proceeding in B​ritish Columbia is that the Russkies have subverted it and other resource development.]


Norman Farrell

Feb 26, 2018 - While BC consumers of carbon pay an ever increasing tax — $10 billion since 2009 — carbon producers are enjoying billions of dollars in subsidies.

Zaid Jilani
Dennis Kucinich

 February 19 2018

THE MAN WHO saved Cleveland — and paid the ultimate political price for it — now wants to do the same for Ohio.

Dennis Kucinich, the boy mayor of Cleveland who went on to serve nearly two decades in Congress, is running for governor on a platform of radical change to how the energy industry operates in the state.

Emma Gilchrist
John Werring in the field.

If you’d met John Werring four years ago, he wouldn’t have been able to tell you what an abandoned gas well looked like.

“We had no idea whether they were even accessible,” said the registered professional biologist.

That was before the summer of 2014, when he headed up to Fort St. John, B.C., on a reconnaissance mission. At that time, much was known about leaking gas wells in the United States, but there was very little data on Canada.

Martin Empson
China has the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Pic: Rehman/Wikimedia
February 2018
Martin Empson examines the contradictions behind the green rhetoric of the Chinese government and its continued reliance on fossil fuels.
Nelson Bennett

Regulator’s management of fracking dams, release of timely information among concerns - Jan. 23, 2018

Investment in northeastern B.C.’s gas fields has soared in the last several years, thanks to the abundance of gas and liquids in the Montney formation and the promise of a new liquefied natural gas industry developing.

Jeakins said the commission’s annual budget of $50 million and staff of 250 have kept pace with the industry’s growth.


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