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Photo courtesy of the Unist'ot'en Facebook page.

With the announcement of the National Energy Board’s ruling in favour of Enbridge’s Northern pipeline, and the fall of yet another government environmental safeguard, the organizers of the anti-pipeline blockade camp in Northern BC are more committed than ever to holding their ground. Along with partner Forest Action Network (FAN), they’ve put out a call for more volunteers, and FAN director Zoe Blunt says they’ve received a flood of applications in the past week from people eager to travel to the camp and help out.

Mathew Millar
Chuck Stahl/CBC

Chuck Strahl, Chairman of the federal body which oversees Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), has registered to lobby on behalf of Enbridge’s ‘Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership’. Two weeks before the December 19, 2013 decision of the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, Strahl and his firm –

Colin Freeze
North Dakota Derailment

“Thank God no one got killed,” said Olivia Chow, the New Democratic Party’s transportation critic. The parallels with the Quebec tragedy are clear, she said. “It’s the same kind of oil, same kind of train.”

The NDP MP argues that governments on both sides of the border ought to force the railway industry to upgrade such container cars urgently – given how they pass through many towns and cities, including her own riding in Trinity-Spadina.

Dave Kolpack
North Dakota Derailment

The derailment happened amid heightened concerns about the United States' increased reliance on rail to carry crude oil. Fears of catastrophic derailments were particularly stoked after last summer's crash in Quebec of a train carrying crude from North Dakota's Bakken oil patch. Forty-seven people died in the ensuing fire.

The tracks that the train was on Monday pass through the middle of Casselton, and Cass County Sheriff's Sgt. Tara Morris said it was "a blessing it didn't happen within the city."

Barbara Lewis

(Reuters) - More than 50 top European and U.S. scientists have written to the European Commission president urging him to press ahead with a plan to label tar sands as more polluting than other forms of oil, in defiance of intensive lobbying from Canada. The draft law was kept on ice during trade talks between the European Union and Canada, the world's biggest producer of oil from tar sands, which culminated in a multi-million-dollar pact signed earlier this year.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Vancouver: The Joint Review Panel (the Panel) for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project today recommended that the federal government approve the project, subject to 209 required conditions. Based on a scientific and precautionary approach to this complex review, the Panel found that the project, if built and operated in compliance with the conditions set out in its report, would be in the public interest.


Vancouver: Unifor, Canada's largest union in the energy sector, says the National Energy Board is out of touch with Canadi

Portland blockade Dec. 2013

Early this morning, folks from Portland Rising Tide blocked the ongoing shipment of a megaload of tar sands equipment on its way to Canada.

16 people were arrested -- including the action's photographer, which is why we have to use this old photo of the equipment.

If you can help get these folks out of jail and back into action, pitch in here: https://www.wepay.com/donations/portland-rising-tide

Gordon Hoekstra
Kinder Morgan files

A second pipeline proposal to transport oil to Asia was officially launched on Monday when Kinder Morgan filed a project application for its $5.4-billion Trans Mountain expansion. The project would nearly triple oil capacity to 890,000 barrels annually and bring about 400 more tankers a year into Burrard Inlet (up from about 80) if it is approved by the National Energy Board and subsequently by the federal government. The 1,150-kilometre pipeline will carry diluted bitumen from the Alberta oilsands, starting in Edmonton, through Jasper and across B.C.

Sonia Verma

The bills, though introduced in different states, all appear to have drawn their inspiration from the same source: the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a network of Republican lawmakers and big business that has been quietly effective in pushing its conservative agenda in states across the country. In the case of Keystone, few, if any, of the ALEC-inspired resolutions have passed.



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