Vijay Prashad
Davos 2016

The Davos people talk about poverty and pledge money to charity. But it's just spare change to them.

Matthew Behrens

[Webpage editor's note: Active opposition to Canadian militarism by the climate justice movement is essential. This article provides background on Canada's role.]

Bill McKibben

Here we are just a couple of weeks into 2016 and we already know that last year was thesecond-warmest on record in the continental United States (the winner so far being 2012); the month of December was a U.S. record-breaker for heat and also precipitation; and it’s assumed that, when t

Ivan Semeniuk

~~Global food production is increasingly likely to be disrupted by extreme weather driven by climate change, say researchers behind a new analysis published on Wednesday in the journal Nature. And, paradoxically, the impact could be greatest in places where farming practices are the most technically advanced, including Canada.
The study is the first to quantify the relationship between weather-related disasters and crop yields in different parts of the globe.

Jeremy Schulman

Think weapons, air conditioners, and ice cream, for starters.

Climate change will have some pretty terrifying consequences. Experts have predicted everything from deadly heat waves and devastating floods to falling crop production and even increased political instability and violence. But according to some of the world's biggest companies, these future disasters could also present lucrative business opportunities.

Laura Bliss

The U.S. and China weren’t always Earth’s biggest polluters.

The Paris Agreement is an essentially forward-looking document. In it, global leaders aspire to 1.5°C of warming, beefed-up financing strategies, and regular check-ins to assure nations are on track to phasing out fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

Margaret Kimberley
Rich countries save the world!

The recent Paris talks on climate change failed utterly to slow the planetary slide towards extinction. The human-induced heat wave will continue to build. President Obama and other world leaders “say they want to reverse fossil fuel emissions and yet they agreed to what amounts to a 3 degree Fahrenheit temperature increase.”

The talks in Paris ended with an agreement to keep heating up the planet.”


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