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climate superhero?

Is supposed "climate superhero" PM Trudeau facing his kryptonite moment? We're pretty sure most Marvel superheroes like Black Panther and Spiderman who've tackled climate change in their comics, do the right and just thing for the people...

Fred Magdoff
It is my contention that we are not facing the root cause of our problems, and until we do, there is no hope of solving the social and ecological problems confronting the world....the primary problem is the inner moving force of capitalism—its Achilles heel regarding the environment—the unending accumulation of capital, which means perpetual “creative destruction.”
Roger Annis

Author and environmentalist Naomi Klein published a feature article in the Globe and Mail‘s edition of Saturday, Sept 24 in which she defends against its detractors the Leap Manifesto issued in Canada in April 2016. Her unique argument in this essay explains that Canada’s “founding economic myth” has been that of the ‘good’ created by the vast pillaging of the country’s natural resources following the arrival of settlers from Europe.

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‘Shocking’ revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than the total health spending of all the world’s governments

Fossil fuel companies are benefitting from global subsidies of $5.3tn (£3.4tn) a year, equivalent to $10m a minute every day, according to a startling new estimate by the International Monetary Fund.

J. F. Conway
Crystal cruises of the arctic

Celebrating the Beginning of the “End Times”?

Michael A. Lebowitz

Often the best way to begin to understand something is to consider what it is not. Socialism for the twenty-first century is not a society in which people sell their ability to work and are directed from above by others whose goal is profits rather than the satisfaction of human needs. It is not a society where the owners of the means of production benefit by dividing workers and communities in order to drive down wages and intensify work—i.e., gain by increasing exploitation. Socialism for the twenty-first century, in short, is not capitalism.

Carol Linnitt
Image: Christy Clark, one time when she was in Victoria. Photo: Christy Clark via Flickr

Christy Clark doesn’t like Victoria. At least, she said as much in an interview with the National Post: “I try never to go over there. Because it’s sick. It’s a sick culture. All they can think about is government…”

EarthRights International

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 3:15pm
EarthRights International

Valentina Stackl (USA),

Ethan Cox

Historic Indigenous alliance aims to shut down tar sands expansion

“Kinder Morgan is now my fight,” explained Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon, adding that his fight with Energy East “is now also the fight of my treaty allies to the west. That’s what this is all about.”


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