Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

UNLESS YOU’VE DELIBERATELY ignored the accelerating drumbeat of headlines, reports, and nonfiction books that have appeared over the past decade, you’re at least vaguely aware that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction in the history of the planet, in which 25 to 40 percent of all species are expected to disappear by 2050. Because extinction is generally a silent, invisible process, we are rarely forced to confront its inherent tragedy and the potentially vast ecological ripples of even a single species’ eradication.

Bruno Kern

[A perspective from an international journal associated with the Montreal-base Alternatives Action and Communication Network for International Development.]

Stefania Barca

Any just transition to a green economy must take place on labor’s terms — not capital’s.

Climate change must be stopped. But who will do the stopping? Who, in other words, could be the political subject of an anticapitalist climate revolution?
News compilation on A Socialist In Canada, April 3, 2016

News compilation on A Socialist In Canada, April 3, 2016

Jill Stein, candidate for U.S. presidential nomination of the Green Party

Interview with Dr. Jill Stein of the U.S. Green Party, by Cory Collins, published, March 14, 2016. [Weblinks to further interviews with Jill Stein are listed below: on CBC Radio One (April 3); NBC News (April 1); and on Frontline [India] (March 31)]

John Foran

We are living through an unprecedented crisis, in a world beset by massive social problems – the obscene poverty and inequality that neoliberal capitalist globalization has wreaked on at least two-thirds of humanity, the immobility of the political elite almost everywhere, and cultures of violence that poison our lives from the most intimate relations to the mass murder of the world’s wars.

Sam Gindin
A worker-owned factory in Argentina. The Working World / Flickr

[Webpage editor: Yes, ecosocialists need to take up the issues about the state and the party that are raised in this sympathetic critique of the limits to workers' ownership and cooperatives.]


Ron Jacobs

The world is in crisis.  Capitalism, currently the only economic system in existence, is the cause of this crisis.  It is a crisis that impoverishes millions more every year while enhancing the wealth of the rarefied few who conspire with politicians to make it so.  It is a crisis that manifests itself in endless and meaningless wars.  It is a crisis that dismantles schools, hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure in the name of private profit.


Michael Löwy is a militant of the French section of the Fourth International. His wide-ranging interests include, in part, the connection between the Romantic movement and Marxism, ecosocialism, Liberation Theology and questions of art and culture.


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