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Robert H. Botterell
PVLA & PVEA ask BC Auditor General for Urgent Examination of Decision to Complete Site C Dam

Delivered by Hand
December 14th, 2017
Auditor General Carol Bellringer, FCPA, FCA
Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia
623 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C.
V8W 1G1
Dear Auditor General Carol Bellringer,
Re: Present and Future Financial Impact on BC Ratepayers and Taxpayers of Completion vs. Cancellation of Site C 

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
DECEMBER 14, 2017

VANCOUVER—BC’s Oil and Gas Commission withheld a report from the public for four years showing that 900 gas wells could be leaking methane - a finding that highlights why a public inquiry into oil and gas industry fracking operations is needed. 

The Commission published the December 2013 report on its website on November 20 after a copy of the document was leaked. 

Marc Eliesen

Premier John Horgan had an opportunity to protect British Columbians from a huge financial burden. He failed to do so. Instead, on Monday he announced that his government would complete construction of Site C.

Continuing with Site C is a bad decision on so many levels. What’s worse is how low Horgan had to stoop to try to rationalize it. He engaged in irresponsible fear-mongering, the logic of which does not stand up under scrutiny.

Andrew Nikiforuk

John Horgan’s NDP government ignored basic truths and now commits BC to greater environmental disaster.

The astoundingly stupid approval of Site C, an over-budget mega-project with no demonstrable need and plenty of cheaper alternatives, marks a black day for B.C.’s NDP government.

Roger Annis

British Columbia Premier John Horgan announced on December 11 that his New Democratic Party government will proceed with construction of the $11 billion-and-counting ‘Site C’ hydroelectric dam on the Peace River in the province’s northeast.

Rob Botterell Legal Counsel to PVLA and PVEA
From: Rob Botterell <>

Subject: Public E-Mail to Attorney General David Eby and Environment
Minister George Heyman

Date: December 12, 2017 8:00:44 AM PST

Attorney General Eby and Environment Minister Heyman:

Given the urgency of this matter I am corresponding by e-mail.

Your collective Cabinet decision to complete Site C yesterday was justified
primarily on the basis, “that if we abandoned the Site C project, we
would incur an immediate $3-4bn public charge on either hydro ratepayers or
BC taxpayers.”
Emma Gilchrist

There is much to debate about Monday’s decision by the B.C. government to move forward with the Site C dam, but one thing is not debatable: construction should never have started without a full review of costs and demand.

Michal Rozworski

Reconciliation is not just about rhetoric, it is material. It is about how economic costs and benefits are shared. If we are to be serious about it, we have to be ready to take on costs that are both political and economic. The sunk and termination costs of Site C are substantial and so are the foregone benefits of reliable baseload power. If we want our governments to take on these costs in our name without fear, we have to make it a common sense proposition that they are worth taking on to forge a new relationship with First Nations.

Ricochet staff

This morning the B.C. NDP government announced that it will proceed with the completion of the Site C dam mega-project.

Dan Healing, The Canadian Press

CALGARY — A moratorium on loans for energy pipeline projects has been lifted, Desjardins Group said Wednesday, as it vowed to consider environmental, social and governance practices of clients in all future lending decisions.

The decision in July to temporarily stop pipeline loans had been applauded by environmental groups and First Nations opposed to oilsands development who urged the Quebec credit union to make the freeze permanent.


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