Climate Change

Zaid Jilani
Dennis Kucinich

 February 19 2018

THE MAN WHO saved Cleveland — and paid the ultimate political price for it — now wants to do the same for Ohio.

Dennis Kucinich, the boy mayor of Cleveland who went on to serve nearly two decades in Congress, is running for governor on a platform of radical change to how the energy industry operates in the state.

Sandy Garossino
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures during an interview with National Observer's Sandy Garossino in Ottawa on Feb. 13, 2018. Screenshot from National Observer video

In a broad and sweeping interview with this writer on Feb. 13, a confident Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out swinging on behalf of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX). Pulling no punches, he took direct aim at both Saskatchewan’s former premier, Brad Wall, and B.C. Premier John Horgan.

Jessica Corbett
In a new study published Feb. 12, scientists found that global sea level rise is accelerating each year. (Photo: Andrew/Flickr/cc)

February 13, 2018

"This acceleration, driven mainly by accelerated melting in Greenland and Antarctica, has the potential to double the total sea level rise by 2100."

Atiya Jaffar


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently said “if I thought there was a danger to the beautiful British Columbia coast, I would not have approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline.”  

The thing is, I live on this coast, and the community members, Indigenous leaders, and even politicians that surround me don’t share Trudeau’s level of certainty. In fact, we’ve seen many scientific reports indicating that Kinder Morgan would be devastating for the Pacific.  

Barry Saxifrage
Where the pollution from Alberta's 12 billion barrels of bitumen has ended up. IPCC data. Background image by NASA/Goddard. Chart by Barry Saxifrage

Lost in the heated arguments over Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain pipeline is this simple fact: more than a quarter of the bitumen flowing through it will end up as pollution spilling into our oceans — one way or the other.

All the bitumen that doesn't spill from pipelines or tankers gets burned, ending up as carbon pollution dumped into our environment. Over one quarter ends up in the oceans, acidifying them for millennia to come.

Ethan Cox

From Quebec with love: #QCLovesBCWine campaign launches today

[For original article google Ricochet Media]

On Tuesday afternoon news broke that Alberta’s government would be boycotting B.C. wine. Within hours activists in Quebec, four provinces and half a country away, had lit the bat signal. Email lists and Facebook groups spun up, as members of the province’s powerful anti-pipeline movement sprang into action.


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