Climate Change

T-shirt with an image of President Jair Bolsanaro at a demonstration in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 23, 2019. | Photo: Reuters
        24 August 2019

President Bolsonaro's whimsical explanations of the fires did not convince those living in the wealthy neighborhoods.

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The Sunday Edition CBC

[Editor: A frightening account of the effects of climate change right now in India and the political, economic and social background to the suffering of people from climate change there.] 

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Aug 23, 2019

Eugene Kung
 First Nations announce the new round of TMX legal challenges at a press conference in July 2019. (Photo: Eugene Kung)
August 21, 2019

The federal cabinet’s re-approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Tanker Expansion Project (“TMX” or “the Project”) on June 18, 2019 was hardly shocking news. After all, federal cabinet ministers have been saying for years that ‘the pipeline will be built.’ They even spent $4.5 billion of public money to bail out the project when pipeline company Kinder Morgan decided to abandon it.

Andrew Nikiforuk
‘The real unfolding drama — the collapse of a global civilization founded on a highly material culture created by cheap energy — is not a narrative we want to tell ourselves or our children.’ Image via Pixabay.
August 21, 2019

We’re clinging to fantasies while the world crumbles. And we like it that way.

Andrew Nikiforuk is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about the energy industry for two decades and is a contributing editor to The Tyee. Find his previous stories here.

JP Sottile
U.S. Marine Corps recruits complete obstacles at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island in South Carolina on February 21, 2019. The total number of heat-strokes and cases of heat exhaustion suffered by active-duty service members rose by 60 percent between 2008 and 2018.
 August 18, 2019

The climate crisis is itself a byproduct of 70 years of U.S. interventionism and empire.
The Pentagon is staring down the barrel of what could become the longest, hottest war in U.S. history. This titanic clash pits the largest military the world has ever seen against an omnipresent opponent that can marshal resources like no enemy it has ever encountered.
Alex Huntley(@AJHUNTLEY)

Aug. 19, 2019

OTTAWA –  is issuing a special warning to all advocacy groups that they should not issue any scientifically verifiable facts during the election that would interfere with Canada’s democracy.

Mia Rabson
A voter casts a ballot in the 2011 federal election in Toronto on May 2, 2011. Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

August 18th 2019

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A pre−election chill has descended over some environment charities after Elections Canada warned them that discussing the dangers of climate change during the upcoming federal campaign could be deemed partisan activity.


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