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Barry Saxifrage
Industrial emissions in Fort McMurray, Alta., in 2012. Photo by Kris Krug/Flickr

November 26th 2020

The world’s nations are racing to rein in the climate crisis while maintaining strong economies. Troublingly, Canada is far behind in this time-critical race to build a low-carbon economy. Our decades of foot-dragging have put both our future prosperity and our climate at risk.

The Energy Mix
Florida hurricane

Nov. 23, 2020

‘No Vaccine For Climate Change’, Red Cross Warns, As Disasters Kill 410,000 In 10 Years

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There’s “no vaccine for climate change” in a world that has seen more than 100 climate disasters since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, and where 410,000 people have lost their lives to extreme weather and other climate impacts in the last decade, the International Red Cross warned in a report last week.

Climate Vulnerable Forum/flickr

Climate vulnerable forum push for specifics as 151 countries promise tougher Paris targets

NOVEMBER 23, 2020

While more than 150 countries have confirmed their Paris Agreement commitments to introduce more ambitious climate plans by the end of this year, the Climate Vulnerable Forum is warning those promises may not be enough to avert the worst effects of the climate crisis in the countries it affects first and worst.

Burgess Langshaw Power
Trudeau and others

November 23, 2020 

Ottawa’s latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies

Last week, the federal government released its long awaited plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Bill C-12, if passed, commits Canada to “binding” targets every five years as of 2030 with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Alexander C. Kaufman
A deserted Times Square during the coronavirus lockdown in New York City. Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

Nov. 24, 2020

This article was originally published by Huffington Post and appears here as part of Canada's National Observer's collaboration with Climate Desk.


Alastair Sharp
Malaika Collette is one of the organizers of a global youth climate conference developing demands of world leaders. Photo by Laurie Collette

November 23rd 2020

Young people from around the world, frustrated at yet another delay at the primary forum for global climate action, are creating their own legal document and asking world leaders to adopt it.

Robert Hunziker

"According to Carter: The world community needs to sink their teeth into the science and wake up. The world needs to take a hard look because what’s happening is equivalent to “the crime of all time, undercutting all society… Our perverse form of economics is destroying the planet disrupting all the oceans, poisoning the oceans, entire oceans with acidification, with heating, which disturbs and breaks down all the healthy ocean currents and… it is the definition of evil.” (Carter)"

November 21, 2020

CBC Radio Ideas
Astra Taylor

[Editor: These are two very interesting podcasts on the subject of democracy, inequality, capitalism, racisism, imperialism, and freedom.]

1. Canadian-American filmmaker and writer Astra Taylor admits that for most of her life the term "democracy" held little appeal. But when she took on the what-is-democracy question, her inquiry turned into a belief that while it may not fully exist, democracy is still worth fighting for.

Aired: March 10, 2020

Pip Hinman
A global 1.5°C warming is likely by 2030 — or even earlier.

[Editor: But the Trudeau government has just put out a  climate plan with a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050!]

November 10, 2020

Climate scientists now believe their predictions about the rate of the global temperature increase have been too conservative, and stronger and more decisive action is needed to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.


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