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Ian Angus
earth hot zones
August 12, 2018

“The Earth System may be approaching a planetary threshold that could lock in a continuing rapid pathway toward much hotter conditions. … Incremental linear changes to the present socioeconomic system are not enough to stabilize the Earth System." 

Can the global climate be stabilized before runaway change creates conditions that are too hot for human civilization and deadly for most species?

Eric Holthaus
This story was originally published by Grist and appears here as part of the Climate Deskcollaboration.
Tim Radford

Researchers say the world may be approaching a tipping point, followed by a dangerous slide towards Hothouse Earth, an overheated planet.

LONDON, 7 August, 2018 – Human actions threaten to push the planet into a new state, called Hothouse Earth. In such a world global average temperatures could stabilise at 4°C or even 5°C higher than they have been for most of human history.

Ian Angus
Victor Wallis’s new book

 July 25, 2018


Victor Wallis’s new book is an important contribution to the growing ecosocialist movement, a passionate call to organize and act against capitalist ecocide

Andy Rowell
“It is sobering to witness how swiftly scientists’ worst predictions have come true, from the lethal heat wave gripping Japan to the record temperatures in Europe to the flames exploding near the Arctic Circle. ” (Photo: FEMA)

As climate change creates its own weather, how many more people have to die, how many of our children do we have to bury or how many brave fire-fighters put their lives in danger, before society acts decisively?

How many more have to die? The global heat-wave of 2018, caused by climate change, is now killing in California.

CBC staff
CBC Radio · 
By 2040, temperatures are expected to reach as high as 44 C in Canada, according to climate scientist Blair Feltmate.

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Oliver Milman
James Hansen  ‘All we’ve done is agree there’s a problem.’ Photograph: Ali Smith for the Guardian

Thirty years after a former Nasa scientist sounded the alarm for the general public about climate change and human activity, the expert issued a fresh warning that the world is failing “miserably” to deal with the worsening dangers.

Charlie Smith

Unprecedented Crime
By Peter D. Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth. Clarity Press, Inc., 269 pp, softcover

Nobody in the mainstream media ever asks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Finance Minister Bill Morneau if they're perpetrating an unprecedented crime on future generations.

Even after the Liberal government announced its intention to pay a Texas oil company $4.5 billion for its Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project, coverage focused on the financial aspects of the deal, not its moral component.


Through two new studies in Nature, the weakening of the Gulf Stream System is back in the scientific headlines. But even before that, interesting new papers have been published – high time for an update on this topic.


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