Andrew Nikiforuk

Every member of the B.C. Legislature should memorize the Iron Law of Megaprojects.  

The law applies to nine out of 10 megaprojects under construction in Canada or around the globe.

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It’s pretty damn simple: “Megaprojects will be over budget, over time, under benefits, over and over again.”


The unneeded Site C dam, the largest infrastructure project in the history of the province, proves the law and then some.


Ken Boon
Ken Boon (left) attends a Site C open house in Fort St. John on July 9, 2015, at the Pomeroy Hotel. Photo By WILLIAM STODALKA

Jan. 10/18

It has been a month now since the BC government announced that Site C would continue. The accounting rationale used by Premier Horgan makes absolutely no sense in light of the findings from the recent BCUC review, and the much greater financial woes of continuing the project.

Rita Wong

Premier Horgan announced in December that his government would proceed with the Site C dam, increasing its budget by more than 2 billion dollars despite having opposed it before.

Peace Valley Landowner Association and the Peace Valley Solidarity Initiative

Subject: More BC Hydro Site C Cost Overruns in Run Up to January 26-27 Site C Summit in Victoria


Andrew Nikiforuk

Six ways citizens can sway the government to reverse a disastrous decision.

Sarah Cox
Premier John Horgan announces his government's plans to proceed with the Site C dam, December 11, 2017. Photo: Province of B.C. via Flick

The NDP government’s arithmetic on Site C cancellation costs is “deeply flawed,” has “no logic at all,” and is “appalling,” according to three project financing experts.  

Justine Hunter
Work on the Site C dam in British Columbia - File


Work on the Site C dam in British Columbia - FILE

DECEMBER 17, 2017

In the month of October, with almost 2,000 people working to build the Site C dam, a total of 18 apprentices were getting on-the-job trades training on the construction site of British Columbia's most expensive public-infrastructure project in history.

"That's pathetic," Premier John Horgan said in an interview.

Gurpreet Singh

A day after B.C.'s ruling New Democrats and their allies in labour groups made statements to mark the UN’s International Human Rights Day on December 10, the Indigenous peoples of the province were given a rude shock with the announcement of the provincial government’s green light for the controversial Site C dam project.

Robert H. Botterell
PVLA & PVEA ask BC Auditor General for Urgent Examination of Decision to Complete Site C Dam

Delivered by Hand
December 14th, 2017
Auditor General Carol Bellringer, FCPA, FCA
Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia
623 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C.
V8W 1G1
Dear Auditor General Carol Bellringer,
Re: Present and Future Financial Impact on BC Ratepayers and Taxpayers of Completion vs. Cancellation of Site C 


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