Chief Lynette Tsakoza Prophet River First Nation, Chief Roland Willson West Moberly First Nations

May 16, 2018

Sent via email

Attorney General Vancouver-Point Grey

Elected 2013, 2017



Attention: Honourable David Eby, Q.C.


Minister Eby, Je aa haanach’e:

Re: Withdrawal from Site C Injunction

Hildegard Bechler

Hydro’s incentive program that pays home solar producers for electricity beyond what they need themselves is the cutting edge of climate collapse amelioration.  These rebates have been available for 14 years; Hydro has 1,330 customers; 95% of them installed solar.  Hydro will apply to the BC Utilities Commission to end the part of the program that allows production beyond the owner’s need.  It will continue for those already on that track, but would be unavailable for new applicants.

Justine Hunter

When lawyers for B.C. Premier John Horgan’s government return to the courtroom this summer in the continuing battle over the Site C dam, their co-defendants will be notably absent.

The federal government, which approved the $10.7-billion project in 2014, has served notice to the courts that it will not oppose an injunction that aims to halt construction.

Amnesty International Canada
Media release
8 May 2018
Government tactics in Site C injunction hearing already at odds with BC’s commitments to respect Indigenous rights

First Nations and human rights groups are questioning why lawyers for the government of BC and BC Hydro wanted to exclude important evidence about the Site C dam from an injunction hearing set to begin this July.
Jessica Leeder

MARCH 22, 2018 

When Justin Brake made the move that would ultimately result in criminal charges against him, the journalist did not see himself as breaking the law.

He thought it would protect him.


Private banks around the world are back to funneling more money into the global fossil fuel sectors in 2017, according to a report released today by Rainforest Action Network

Gary Porter
Site C protest
 March 9, 2018
The government’s decision to build the dam makes it abundantly clear that the struggle to defend indigenous rights and the environment must be build outside of parliament

Gary Porter is a member of the New Democratic Party in British Columbia. This article was published in the NDP Socialist Caucus magazine, Turn Left, which was distributed to delegates at last month’s federal NDP convention.

Justine Hunter

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

BC Hydro says it faces substantial new costs for the Site C dam after agreeing to suspend work on a portion of the construction until the courts can hear an injunction application this summer by a First Nation seeking to block the $10.7-billion project.

The West Moberly First Nation is seeking an interim injunction to halt the project pending a full civil trial that aims to kill Site C. A hearing on the interim injunction application is expected to begin in July.


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