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It’s quite impossible to tell the story of a place, or a moment, to those who have not been there, or might not want to go.

Alastair Sharp and Dylan Sunshine Waisman

Editor: Here is the link to a series of articles, (5 chapters), unmasking Kinder Morgan spies:

And here is Chapter 5:

Trevor Jang, Lauren Kaljur, Emma Paling, Lucy Scholey, Amber Bernard, Brenna Owen, Kendra Perrin, Caitlin Havlak and Jon von Ofenheim

If Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project proceeds, the land, resources, and rights of more than 130 Indigenous communities and groups from Alberta’s oilsands to British Columbia’s coast could be affected.

Gillian Steward

July 9, 2018 - Just imagine if a consortium of First Nations owned a sizable stake in the Trans Mountain pipeline and were determined to push it through because it would put more money in the hands of Indigenous people.

There is a plan afoot to do exactly that and later this month First Nations leaders will meet in Vancouver to advance the idea.

It’s a bold move but it would also give some First Nations the kind of control over resource projects in their own backyards they have long dreamed of.

Of course, not all First Nations would be happy.

Andrew Weichel and Kendra Mangione,
Anti-pipeline activists form dramatic aerial blockade

July 4, 2018 

Several demonstrators were taken away in police boats as Mounties removed the activists suspended in air underneath the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, where they have been blocking oil tanker traffic since early Tuesday morning.

A statement from activist group Protect the Inlet said Will George, who spoke to CTV News from his precarious position the day before, was among those taken into custody after dangling from the bridge for about 36 hours.

The Discourse

Experts say it only takes one First Nation to stop the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in court.

Kinder Morgan is the big winner and Canadians are the big losers of a deal to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline and Expansion Project with public funds, one Vancouver-based lawyer says.

Eugene Kung with West Coast Environmental Law says the project won't have legal certainty any time soon, as several First Nations are currently awaiting a ruling from the Federal Court of Appeal on whether they were adequately consulted by the Canadian government.

Uniocorn Riot

See video here: 

On June 28, 2018, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission voted to approve the Line 3 oil pipeline over public opposition. Winona LaDuke spoke to the crowd outside after the PUC vote:

"Minnesota and Enbridge have asked us if this is gonna be like Standing Rock. And they have gotten their Standing Rock...It is time to come to Minnesota to protect the water."

Charlie Smith

June 26th, 2018

A B.C. Hydro megaproject is at the centre of a campaign to preserve Canada's largest national park.

Covering nearly 45,000 square kilometres in northeastern Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Wood Buffalo National Park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

But Indigenous and environmental groups claim that Canada not yet followed through on 17 recommendations from a UNESCO committee to protect this natural wonderland. 

Ian Angus - retired SFU Humanities professor

[ Editor: Linked below are Ian Angus' statement to the court against and his recent interview with an Ontario radio programme about Kinder Morgan:


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