Amir Khadir

Below is a translation from the August 20 edition of the Montreal-based newspaper, Le Devoir.



July 4, 2015 - Newly established WORKERS 4 THE PLANET (W4P) believes workers and our organizations—especially unions—must play a major role in stopping climate change, fighting for climate justice, and creating the necessary transition to a post-fossil-fuel economy.

Peter Foster

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama launched America’s most ambitious attempt yet to tackle greenhouse gas emissions Monday, pushing ahead with tough restrictions on power stations in the teeth of fierce opposition from industry and the Republicans. 

With one eye clearly on his political legacy, Obama said he was committing the United States, which relies on coal for much of its power needs, to leading the world on climate change “because I believe there is such a thing as being too late.”

Louise Hellbig

A new book of aerial photographs, Beautiful Destruction, captures the awesome scale and devastating impact of Alberta’s oil sands with stunning colours, contrasts and patterns. The book also includes 15 essays by prominent individuals from environment and industry, sharing their insights, ideas and opinions.

(A land of pits, fumes, and poisoned pools as far as the eye can see. Canada, in its mad quest for oil, has turned a pristine boreal forest into a place that is a stunning likeness to Tolkien’s Mordor. Image source: Garth Lenz’s TED Talk.)

If one were to search for an example of the utterly and inherently life, climate, and economy destroying impacts of fossil fuel burning, they wouldn’t have to look too far. They could look to the rapidly destabilizing glaciers now putting our coastal cities, our island nations in dire peril.

David Klein

This book review of Green Capitalsm the God that Failed by Richard Smith was first published by the World Economics Association eBooks.

Stefano B. Longo and Brett Clark

Forget the ‘tragedy of the commons.’  The real cause of environmental crises is a system that commodifies nature and values profit above life itself.

Michael Roberts

Leftist journalist and broadcaster, Paul Mason, has a new book out at the end of this month. It's called ‘Postcapitalism’.  I don’t have a copy but Mason has written a long article in the British newspaper, The Guardian, outlining his main arguments,

Pope Francis

The following is the text (weblinked) of the book-length papal encyclical concerning the climate change crisis issued by Pope Francis on June 18, 2015.

Encyclical Letter LAUDATO SI’ of the Holy Father Francis on Care For Our Common Home

Ernest Mandel

On the Climate and Capitalism site ( Ian Angus wrote on May 8, 2015:

It’s often said that socialists are latecomers to environmentalism, that until the 1990s, Marxists ignored or rejected the concerns raised by environmentalists. There’s some justice to that criticism, but there were important exceptions.


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