Stefano B. Longo and Brett Clark

Forget the ‘tragedy of the commons.’  The real cause of environmental crises is a system that commodifies nature and values profit above life itself.

Michael Roberts

Leftist journalist and broadcaster, Paul Mason, has a new book out at the end of this month. It's called ‘Postcapitalism’.  I don’t have a copy but Mason has written a long article in the British newspaper, The Guardian, outlining his main arguments,

Ernest Mandel

On the Climate and Capitalism site ( Ian Angus wrote on May 8, 2015:

It’s often said that socialists are latecomers to environmentalism, that until the 1990s, Marxists ignored or rejected the concerns raised by environmentalists. There’s some justice to that criticism, but there were important exceptions.

Brad Hornick

"The call came to protestors assembled at borehole 2 on Burnaby Mountain: 'Kinder Morgan has arrived! Get your asses down here.' I ran to the motorcycle and hurried down to Drummond Walk. A few comrades were just starting to follow KM workers -- 2 hardhats with chain saws, a couple management types and a few security guards. I raged internally as I accompanied them into the forest at the ready, but not knowing what the next step was...


Vancouver Ecosocialists discussion on Vancouver transit plebiscite




Below is the text of an email exchange among some members of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group between February and April 2015 regarding the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite.


Brad Hornick

The recent Vancouver panel discussion on Naomi Klein's new book, This Changes Everything, from which this article took form, was organized weeks before a local Blockadia event took place. By the time the five panelists came together, two had been arrested for defying a court injunction and two were named in a $5.6-million lawsuit for objecting to Kinder Morgan's (KM) planned pipeline through a municipally designated park on Burnaby Mountain.

Stefan Kipfer
multi lane highway
An analysis of the wider social context of public transit and transportation:
John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark

In the age of climate change, Klein argues, a system based on ever-expanding capital accumulation and exponential economic growth is no longer compatible with human well-being and progress—or even with human survival over the long run. We need therefore to reconstruct society along lines that go against the endless amassing of wealth as the primary goal.

Pablo Iglesias
Podemos leader

Spain’s newest political party is also its most popular. With roots in the 2011 indignados movement (also called the 15-M movement), Podemos emerged in January with a petition launched by a few dozen intellectuals. In May’s European Parliament elections, just months after its formation, the leftist party captured 8 percent of the vote. It is now the second largest political party in Spain by membership and the largest in the polls. Even the Financial Times admits, “the new party appears to be on course to shatter Spain’s established two-party system.”

Mike Carr

S.O.S. Alternatives to Capitalism by Richard Swift

Reviewed by Mike Carr



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