Matthew Kronsberg
Cows at Floating Farm nourish the local community without using any land. Illustration: Yuanyuan Zhou/The Guardian

Jan. 19, 2023

A high-tech micro-dairy called Floating Farm in Rotterdam is helping rethink agriculture in the age of climate crisis

Samuel L Jackson can have his snakes on a plane. Peter and Minke van Wingerden have concocted something even wilder: a herd of cows floating on the sea.

Nate Wallace
Toronto isn't alone among Canadian cities looking to increase transit fares this year. FRED LUM


Website editor: This is a good piece but it should be noted that in the Vancouver area Translink is now cutting back service and proposing to raise fares


Feb. 16, 2023

Nate Wallace is the clean transportation program manager at Environmental Defence.

Scott Neigh
Image: The Breach

"While material gains are crucial, they are far from the only way that movements build towards a better world. Also important are the increased confidence and capacity that can result even from collective struggles that have not yet won definitive victories. "

Dec. 22, 2022

Arny Wise
To make housing more affordable for more residents, Premier Eby must increase the supply of affordable, non-market housing, writes retired developer Arny Wise. Photo by Christopher Cheung.

Dec. 22, 2022

I propose nine ways to fix affordable housing in BC. Second in an occasional series.

Premier David Eby had over two years as B.C.’s housing minister. He’s now had about a month as B.C. premier to come up with effective affordable housing policies.

His latest plan — the Housing Supply Act policy — has met criticism from all quarters for relying on a false, supply-side economics principle.

H.G. Watson
Stop criminalizing poverty

Website editor: This article makes some very good points about 'free transit' campaigns and more.

Dec. 19, 2022

Ottawa’s light-rail transit system has made headlines in the last years – but not for any good reasons. Trains don’t work in the cold. Technical problems cause frequent delays, and a derailment once led to all the trains being taken out of service for weeks. On top of this, Ottawa’s city council voted to increase fares.

Nazanin Meshkat
Lynn Walker, 63, cleans up around her home in a homeless encampment in Allan Gardens park in Toronto on Dec. 1, 2022. Photo by Ian Willms for Canada's National Observer

Dec. 12, 2022

When unhoused people in Toronto run out of options, they turn to the city’s overcrowded emergency departments for shelter.

The result is a collision of two crises, emergency department overcrowding and homelessness, that will risk lives, physicians, social workers and advocates for unhoused people say.

unmask the right logo

Nov.22, 2022

The October 15 municipal elections saw an unprecedented number of far right candidates fielded in the races for mayor, council and school board positions across the province. A minimum of 129 candidates were provably and publicly aligned with antivaxx, conspiracist, antisemitic or other far right ideologies in one form or another. (This is an underestimate of the total of far right candidates, possibly a significant understatement.)

Jen St. Denis
The number of tents on E. Hastings Street often impedes access to doorways and the sidewalk, leading to conflict in the neighbourhood. Photo for The Tyee by Jen St. Denis.

Dec. 5, 2022

People who are homeless on Vancouver’s East Hastings Street continue to have tents and other belongings removed by city workers, a situation advocates say is leaving some without shelter as temperatures drop.

PHS Community Services Society, an agency that runs permanent and emergency winter shelters and other housing, says space is extremely tight right now, with people turned away every night from two shelters the organization runs in the Downtown Eastside.


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