Derrick O'Keefe

Cities can do more to prepare for extreme heat events, and they must. Or else the death toll will continue to climb. 

Like Ernest Hemingway once said about bankruptcy, the climate emergency arrives gradually — and then suddenly. For 30 years, neoliberal governments of various shades have kicked the can down the road. We’re now at the end of the road.

Eric Reguly

Whether or not you want one, can afford one or think they will do essentially nothing to stop global warming, electric vehicles are coming to Canada en masse. This week, the Canadian government set 2035 as the “mandatory target” for the sale of zero-emission SUVs and light-duty trucks.

That means the sale of gasoline and diesel cars has to stop by then. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra called the target “a must.” The previous target was 2040.

Sophie Birks
Illustration from the Toronto-based Keep Your Rent campaign.

 June 7, 2021

Taking on landlords can feel like an impossible task, but these organizers are winning battles, and a bigger wave of tenant organizing could acheive even more


As tenants trying to live through the pandemic, we’ve been stressed about paying the rent as our landlords wield the threat of eviction, often leaving us with no choice but to expose ourselves to COVID-19 in our workplaces. 


Andrew Gage - Staff Lawyer
Cost menu for climate change adaptation
May 19, 2021

“Could we have the bill, please?”

When you go to a restaurant, a menu helps you select what to eat and how much you might pay for it. The Cost Menu for Climate Change Adaptation Measures (Part I), released today, helps communities figure out how to keep themselves safe from two expected impacts of climate change – wildfires and extreme precipitation – and what it might cost them.

Democratic Socialists of Vancouver
Social Housing Now
Copy this poster (below), print and post!
Nathan Davidowicz
We Ride Public Transit Vancouver

Starting today ( 1030 to 1130 am ) and every Weekday in June 2021 many concerned citizens will be protesting outside MLA Minister George Heyman Office at 642 W. Broadway

The Energy Mix
Community Garden - Sikander Iqbal/Wikimedia Commons

MAY 16, 2021

The urban food forest in Browns Mills, Atlanta, is one of more than 70 such initiatives scattered across the United States: all the work of volunteers determined to fight food insecurity through urban agriculture.

Stefan Labbé
 Coquitlam Reservoir supplies up to 40 per cent of Metro Vancouver's water — in the coming decades that's expected to double. (via UVIC Environmental Law Centre)

May 15, 2021

Metro Vancouver has banked at least 60% of the region's future water supply on the Coquitlam Reservoir. But as it moves to secure municipal water for the next half-century, the fate of an Indigenous community and the river they live on is at stake.

On a recent sunlit afternoon, Heidi Walsh stepped onto the observation deck of a century-old concrete tower overlooking 600 square kilometres of mountain forest. 

Duncan Fraser McLachlan
The first few floors of Le Manoir. (Duncan Fraser McLachlan)

 MAY 10, 2021

Meet the tenants fighting the type of ‘renoviction’ that’s making affordable housing disappear across the country

The story of Le Manoir Lafontaine can be told by the banners that hang from the residents’ balconies.

International Energy Association

For example, the report states that a typical electric car requires six times the mineral inputs of a conventional car, and an onshore wind plant

requires nine times more mineral resources than a gas-fired power plant. Since 2010, the average amount of minerals needed for a new

unit of power generation capacity has increased by 50% as the share of renewables has risen.

And that doesn’t include materials for backup power due to low capacity factors and intermittency.

And less than 1% of lithium is currently recycled.......


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