Geoff Dembicki
Experts in Canada and beyond see overlapping solutions to two crises: housing affordability and climate change. This series talks to more than 20 of them. Illustration for The Tyee by Nora Kelly.

Nov. 30, 2020

First in a five-part series exploring the case for a Green New Deal for Housing.

The Thorn
(Photo: A recent climate protest action by the Sustainabiliteens)

On Tuesday, Vancouver City Council passed an amended version of the recommendations of the October 22 report on the Climate Emergency Action Plan. Against the opposition of a number of NPA councillors on most points, the 370-page CEAP report was passed item by item at a vote late Tuesday evening.


In Europe, cycling caught on in a big way this year as COVID-19 discouraged cars and crowded public transit. Some cities' leaders hope to make the habit permanent and make congestion a thing of the past.

One of my heroes is a minor socialist politician you’ve never heard of – Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores.

He’s the mayor of Pontevedra, Spain, and he has a spiritual loathing for cars. He ended his city’s status as a “car warehouse” – his words – more than 20 years ago, and the results were spectacular. Pontevedra is cleaner, safer and thriving like never before.

Frances Bula
A woman wearing a protective face mask walks past the boarded up shops along Robson Street in downtown Vancouver on May 4, 2020.  JONATHAN HAYWARD/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Special to The Globe and Mail

November 2, 2020 

Vancouver’s climate-emergency response plan relies too much on new fees for average residents and on expensive regulation for buildings, says a public policy professor who is a member of provincial and national groups working on solutions to climate change.

Patricia Lane
Victoria Coun. Sharmarke Dubow gives Maasai visitors a tour of city hall. Photo submitted by Sharmarke Dubow

October 29th 2020

As part of a series highlighting the work of young people in addressing the climate crisis, writer Patricia Lane interviews Victoria Coun. Sharmarke Dubow.

The 1990s were personally tough for me. I spent the decade immersed in action based on climate catastrophe science, trying, and by all accounts failing, to stem the tide. Hardest of all, death and dementia came to my family.

Emily Pontecorvo
Green New Deal gathering in New York - Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Oct 22, 2020

Back in 2006, when George W. Bush was president and the Paris Agreement was still a decade away, the city of Tucson, Arizona, made a modest plan to do something about climate change. It set a goal to reduce city-wide greenhouse gas emissions 7 percent below 1990 levels, and gave itself a generous 14 years to do it.

Democratic Socialists of Vancouver

In December 2019, Vancouver City Council passed a unanimous motion to support tying rent control to units in Vancouver’s lowest income rental stock, Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Hotels. Now we need to make sure they do that. SROs, which are 100 sq-ft rooms without kitchen or washroom facilities, are Vancouver’s housing of last resort, and rising rents there are pushing Vancouverites into homelessness.


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