Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea

Just wow.

#Film4Climate 1st Prize Short Film Winner - “Three Seconds”

Author: Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea
Country: USA
Category: Short Film

An epic presentation of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to make it to the fourth second.

Adam D.K. King
Safety helmet - Photo from Ümit Yıldırım via Unsplash.

Remember during the 2016 Democratic Primary when Hillary Clinton ineptly said she was “going to put a lot of coal miners […] out of business”? The Bernie crowd — myself included — had a good time with this gaffe, finding in it a microcosm of a certain centrist Democratic politics that touts supposedly progressive policy (in this case, clean energy) while treating the needs of working people as an afterthought, at best. 

Steve Trent
Chinese trawler in India. Photo: Mike Finn (CC BY 2.0)

July 14, 2021

For every day that passes without an agreement to end subsidies that drive overfishing, fish populations shrink, coastal communities lose vital livelihoods and food security, and the ocean suffers.

Somini Sengupta
Coal and wind power in Mehrum, Germany, in August. Credit...Julian Stratenschulte/DPA, via Associated Press
The proposals, [Wednesday], are likely to be more ambitious and specific than other countries’ efforts to fight climate change and may include a border tax on imports deemed to be polluting.
Jessica Corbett
The study found fires produced about 1.5bn tonnes of CO2 a year, with forest growth removing 0.5bn tonnes. The 1bn tonnes left in the atmosphere is equivalent to the annual emissions of Japan. Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

July 14, 2021

The findings, said one expert, "show that the uncertain future is happening now."

Following years of warnings and mounting fears among scientists, "terrifying" research revealed Wednesday that climate change and deforestation have turned parts of the Amazon basin, a crucial "sink," into a source of planet-heating carbon dioxide.

Jem Bendell
Jem Bendell - Screen shot from interview with Facing Future TV

July 9, 2021

Interview with Professor Jem Bendell on Deep Adaptation to climate chaos, by Facing Future TV.

Linda McQuaig
Trudeau and vaccines

June 23, 2021

Liberals could be reviving Canada’s legacy of public sector vaccine innovation, instead of pumping money into private sector

There aren’t nearly enough doses to vaccinate everyone on the planet against COVID—we’re short by billions. 

If that isn’t bad enough, the inadequate global supply is in the hands of a small number of pharmaceutical companies, whose shareholders are focused exclusively on further maximizing the spectacular profits they’ve made through their de facto COVID vaccine monopoly.

The Decolonial Atlas
Plastic waste map

The Decolonial Atlas is a growing collection of maps which, in some way, help us to challenge our relationships with the land, people, and state. It’s based on the premise that cartography is not as objective as we’re made to believe. The orientation of a map, its projection, the presence of political borders, which features are included or excluded, and the language used to label a map are all subject to the map-maker’s bias – whether deliberate or not.



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