Ailynn Torres Santana
Young demonstrators in Havana.

July 27, 2021

Hallie Golden
 Red lesions and white fungus on the salmons’ bodies are the result of high water temperatures and stress. Photograph: Conrad Gowell/Courtesy of Columbia Riverkeeper

July 27, 2021

A conservation group recorded the video after a heatwave in the Pacific north-west on a day when water temperatures breached 70F

Salmon in the Columbia River were exposed to unlivable water temperatures that caused them to break out in angry red lesions and white fungus in the wake of the Pacific north-west’s record-shattering heatwave, according to a conservation group that has documented the disturbing sight.

Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea

Just wow.

#Film4Climate 1st Prize Short Film Winner - “Three Seconds”

Author: Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea
Country: USA
Category: Short Film

An epic presentation of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to make it to the fourth second.

Michael Sainato
A farmworker in St Paul, Oregon, where a worker died of heat exposure last month Photograph: Nathan Howard/AP

16 Jul 2021

Advocates want Osha to issue federal heat standards, requiring water, shade and rest breaks

The climate crisis is endangering farm workers around the US who work outside in excessive heat throughout the year without any federal protections from heat exposure in the workplace.

Bernie Sanders
‘This legislation will create millions of good paying jobs as we address the long-neglected needs of working families and the planet.’ Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

July 21, 2021

If our budget passes, it would be one of the most important pieces of legislation since the New Deal. But we must fight for it

Now is the time.

At a time when the gap between the very rich and everyone else is growing wider, when two people now own more wealth than the bottom 40% and when some of the wealthiest people and biggest businesses in the world pay nothing in federal income taxes, the billionaire class and large profitable corporations must finally start paying their fair share of taxes.


Sam Gindin
Turning the Tables: Participation and Power in Negotiations - book cover

July 20, 2021

The state of the American labour movement has, since the mid-1970s, been dispiriting. There have, of course, been moments of creative and inspiring resistance, but the predominant story has been a chronicle of decline: private-sector unionization rates below where they were a century ago, the abject failure to make breakthroughs in key emerging sectors, defensive stagnation in bargaining achievements, and – election-year rhetoric aside – the political marginalization of working-class concerns.

Kevin Stark
An oil rig extracts crude on July 21, 2008 near Taft, California, in Kern County. (David McNew/Getty Images))

June 28, 2021

A new analysis from an environmental advocacy group highlights a dirty secret about California-produced oil: It is responsible for higher carbon emissions than the oil the state imports.

Adam D.K. King
Safety helmet - Photo from Ümit Yıldırım via Unsplash.

Remember during the 2016 Democratic Primary when Hillary Clinton ineptly said she was “going to put a lot of coal miners […] out of business”? The Bernie crowd — myself included — had a good time with this gaffe, finding in it a microcosm of a certain centrist Democratic politics that touts supposedly progressive policy (in this case, clean energy) while treating the needs of working people as an afterthought, at best. 

David Hasemyer
Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Alyeska pipleline) running through landscape with Mountain range in the distance in Alaska. Credit: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images

July 11, 2021

The pipeline operator is repairing damage to its supports caused by a sliding slope of permafrost, and installing chillers to keep the ground around it frozen.

Thawing permafrost threatens to undermine the supports holding up an elevated section of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, jeopardizing the structural integrity of one of the world’s largest oil pipelines and raising the potential of an oil spill in a delicate and remote landscape where it would be extremely difficult to clean up.


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