Gerard Dalbon
DSA and the War in Ukraine: Toward a Mass Socialist Anti-War Movement

Dec. 9. 2022

A DSA International Committee organizer talks about DSA’s response to the war in Ukraine, the need for socialist anti-war organizing, and his perspective on the conflict as an Eastern European.

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Scott Ritter
Russian President Vladimir Putin with then German Chancellor Angela Merkel on May 10, 2015, at the Kremlin. (Russian Government)

Dec. 5, 2022

War, it seems, was the only option Russia’s opponents had ever considered.

Recent comments by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel shed light on the duplicitous game played by Germany, France, Ukraine and the United States in the lead-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February.

Marjorie Cohn
People with a banner calling for freedom for Julian Assange participate in the national demonstration against the war in Ukraine and all wars on November 5, 2022 in Rome, Italy. SIMONA GRANATI - CORBIS / CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES

Dec. 4, 2022

Leaders of Brazil and Australia are also urging dismissal of U.S. charges against Julian Assange.

In a stunning development earlier this week, The New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, DER SPIEGEL and El País signed a joint open letter calling on the U.S. government to dismiss the Espionage Act charges against Julian Assange for publishing classified military and diplomatic secrets.

Bill McKibben
Illustration by Lina Müller

Denial, lies, and now gimmicks--the body count doesn't phase them, as long as the profits keep rolling in. Future intergalactic travelers may highlight humanity as the only species to knowingly make itself extinct.

             -- Gene McGuckin

Nov. 22, 2022

David Schwartzman
degrowth venn diagram

Ecosocialist responses to “degrowth” analysis and proposals have ranged from full support to total rejection. The author of the following critical commentary is an emeritus professor of biology at Howard University, and co-author of The Earth is Not for Sale (World Scientific, 2019). We encourage respectful responses in the comments, and hope to publish other views in future.

Natasha Bulowski
Helicopters and other large military vehicles on display at CANSEC in Ottawa on June 1 and 2. Photo by Natasha Bulowski / Canada's National Observer

Nov. 18, 2022

The world’s wealthiest polluting countries spend at least 15 times more on military and arms than climate finance for the world’s most vulnerable countries, a new report revealed in the final week of COP27 negotiations.

Sam Gindin
globe encircled by US dollars

"It is tempting to battle capitalist internationalization by countering it with a working-class internationalism. Specific acts of international solidarity are, of course, possible, and an internationalist sensibility is paramount. But we cannot act substantively on the international stage without being strong at home.


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