Juan Cole
Iran-US Nuclear Talks April 2021

Apr. 3, 2021

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – AFP reports that an arrangement was reached at Friday’s teleconference in Vienna between the current signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to mediate indirect talks between Iran and the United States next week.

By Claudio Katz
A lengthy read, indeed, but we need big-picture summaries like this to appreciate the scope of what lies before us. This is not to say that I take everything in this essay as gospel. But U.S. imperialism is definitely a thick strand in the weave of difficult problems we're going to have to overcome (or in this case, overthrow).
          -- Gene McGuckin
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Jeff Mackler

Dec. 16, 2020

Insane people who study playing Russian roulette with a well-lubricated and seasoned six-shooter understand that the odds on survival are far greater than the expected 83.3 percent, that is, five out of six. That’s because the single loaded bullet chamber is heavier than the empty chambers and is more likely, after a firm spin, to settle at the bottom, away from the striking pin at the top of the firing mechanism. In essence, you can cheat your fate a bit if you choose to engage.

Sandra Laville
The Toronto skyline from Ward's Island. Production of concrete, metal, plastic, bricks and asphalt is greater than the mass of living matter on the planet, new research says. Photo by Caio Silva via Unsplash
Marty Hart-Landsberg

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This is the first in a series of posts that aim to describe and evaluate the World War II mobilization experience in the United States in order to illuminate some of the economic and political challenges we can expect to face as we work for a Green New Deal.  

Carl Meyer
Members of 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron fly over Toronto for Remembrance Day. Photo by aviator Lanny Jellicoe / Garrison Petawawa Imaging

November 30th 2020

The Department of National Defence was responsible for the lion’s share of the federal government’s own carbon pollution last year, according to newly released figures.

The government released an inventory of federal greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities and fleet operations as part of its updated “greening government strategy.”

Jonthan Cook

27 November 2020

Making political sense of the world can be tricky unless one understands the role of the state in capitalist societies. The state is not primarily there to represent voters or uphold democratic rights and values; it is a vehicle for facilitating and legitimating the concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands.


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