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Fidel Castro

Legendary Cuban revolutionary and former president Fidel Castro passed away on November 25 aged 90 (having survived hundreds of failed CIA assassination attempts). An internationalist dedicated to a fairer and sustainable planet, Castro long warned that capitalism was threatening to destroy human civlisation through ecological destruction, with the poor of the global South its first victims.

George Monbiot
 Drums of War -  Illustration by Andrzej Krauze

The combination of automation, complexity and climate change is dangerous in ways we haven’t even begun to grasp.

Seble Samuel
Marrakesh by Climatetracker

[Introduction by A Socialist in Canada: The environmental movement in all of its political shadings largely fails to address the danger of war and militarism in this world of global warming and the opening of the Anthropocene era. Yet,  the capitalist, military-industrial complex is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, while war and militarism cause the disempowering of movements for social and environmental change.

Matthew Behrens
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti

Considering the sick political calculus that rules Ottawa's backrooms, it is not inconceivable that the bubbly was pouring in Liberal circles with the stateside election of Donald Trump. Indeed, after having enjoyed a year-long honeymoon as the anti-Harper, Trudeau and his aides likely saw this new development as a gift that extends the honeymoon under the guise of being the anti-Donald.

Gene McGuckin
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Are you ready to add more power to the transcontinental movement against unnecessary and harmful new tar sands pipelines (they're all unnecessary and harmful)? You can do this by helping to join the struggles against the Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines. 
Rafe Mair
Recent Vancouver rally against Kinder Morgan (Photo: David Suzuki Foundation/Facebook)
None should be in the slightest surprised at the anti-British Columbia stance of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. As Talleyrand famously noted when, after the fall of Napoleon the Bourbons were restored, “they learned nothing and forgot nothing”.

Thus it is with the Liberals who, once safely back in power, turn their attention to repaying supporters, namely Ontario financiers and the oil industry, often the same people. This ancient Liberal policy never fails.

Chris Mooney and Jason Samenow
Image obtained using a climate reanalyzer. (Climate Change Institute/University of Maine)

Political people in the United States are watching the chaos in Washington in the moment. But some people in the science community are watching the chaos somewhere else — the Arctic.

It’s polar night there now — the sun isn’t rising in much of the Arctic. That’s when the Arctic is supposed to get super-cold, when the sea ice that covers the vast Arctic Ocean is supposed to grow and thicken.

Cameron MacLean,
Kevin Hart, who co-chairs the AFN’s committee on climate and the environment, speaking at the United Nations climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco. (Source: Assembly of First Nations)

The effects of climate change disproportionately affect indigenous people around the world, although they contribute to it the least.

That’s one message Manitoba’s regional chief to the Assembly of First Nations has taken to Marrakech, Morocco, where leaders from around the world have gathered for the United Nations climate conference.

Kevin Hart, who co-chairs the AFN’s committee on climate and the environment, told CTV Winnipeg indigenous economies are built on a harmonious relationship with nature.

Mark Hume

Published Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 12:01AM EST

More than 1,000 early-career scientists from across Canada have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and key members of his cabinet urging the government to do a better job of assessing the environmental impacts of developments.

The scientists say they are “concerned that current environmental assessments and regulatory decision-making processes lack scientific rigour,” and that the health of Canadians and the environment are being put at risk.

Quentin Dempster
Canadian activist Naomi Klein says sanctions may be needed if the US walks away from action on climate change. Photo: AAP

The US should be hit with punitive sanctions if its new president orders its withdrawal from the Paris climate change treaty, says acclaimed Canadian activist and author Naomi Klein.

Ms Klein, who is in Australia to receive the 2016 Sydney Peace Prize, also says that Donald Trump had been elevated to the US presidency mainly because of a Brexit-style “whitelash” from disaffected blue-collar families in rust belt states.


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