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Bethany Lindsay

 Aug 09, 2021

'It's as if we're paying someone to go around and throw gasoline on the ground,' analyst says

According to the environmental group Stand Earth, the B.C. government will give away $1.3 billion in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry this year. (Coastal GasLink)

Nick Boisvert


Aug 09, 2021

The minister responsible for climate change and the environment said revenue generated by pipelines will help Canada transition to a low-emission future. (Jason Franson//The Canadian Press)

Chris Campbell
The Burnaby tank farm. (via Contributed)

Aug. 7, 2021

A local MP was giving out $30 million but the media wasn't invited

So all signs point to a looming federal election in Canada, what with a tsunami of government funding announcements and appearances by ministers in ridings across the country.

I want to discuss the optics of how the feds have handled recent pre-election activity and their cowardly approach to awkward topics.

Tara Olivetree (Ehrcke)

7. 12. 2021


Who has more power than Shell Oil? This is one of the first questions a climate activist should ask themselves, because without finding an answer, we can’t win.

Primary Author: Mitchell Beer
Lindsey G/Wikimedia Commons

August 1, 2021

More than two-thirds of Canadian fossil fuel workers are interested in jobs in a net-zero economy, 58% see themselves thriving in that economy, and nearly nine in 10 want training and upskilling for net-zero employment, according to a groundbreaking survey released last month by Edmonton-based Iron & Earth.

Sandy Garossino
Premier Jason Kenney's anti-Alberta energy inquiry has impacted environmentalists (clockwise from top left: Ed Whittingham, Tzeporah Berman, Greg Knox and Shannon Phillips). Photos by Alex Tétreault, SkeenaWild, Twitter, submitted

It’s time to apologize to the innocent Canadian environmentalists that you and your allies have hounded, vilified and intimidated for almost a decade. Steve Allan’s anti-Alberta energy inquiry has found the accusations against them to be a complete sham.

Clear their names, once and for all.

Tell the truth, at long last, and admit you were wrong.

Take it back. Take it all back.

I have read the draft Allan report in full.

Oliver Milman
The Tesoro oil refinery in Washington state. Photograph: Kevin Schafer/Getty Images

July 28, 2021

Whatcom county’s council passed measure that bans new refineries, coal-fired power plants and other related infrastructure

A county in Washington state has become the first such jurisdiction in the US to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure, following a lengthy battle over the impact of oil refineries on the local community.

Gene McGuckin, Member of the Vancouver Ecosocialists
We are part of nature: hundreds of people died while a billion tidal sea creatures cooked in place.

After the Heat Dome Killings, What Is to Be Done?

Thursday, July 22, 2021


I am speaking to you this evening from the traditional territories of the Quay Quayt and Kwikwetlem First Nations in a place otherwise known as New Westminster, BC.


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