John Clarke
Graffiti adorns a boarded-up restaurant in New York City. Photo by Anthony Quintano/Flickr.

May 17, 2020

One might have hoped that the very severity of the threat posed by the pandemic would compel the elites who manage capitalist societies to behave more responsibly and decently. The return of the pre-neoliberal “nanny state” (however inadequate it was) seemed to some a real possibility. But while the capitalist state may be concerned with maintaining social equilibrium, preserving a basic level of public health and upholding its own legitimacy, it remains utterly devoted to ensuring the conditions in which businesses can function and profits can continue to flow.

Rutger Bregman
All illustrations by Ralph Zabel, for The Correspondent

The article below provides important information about shifting economic theories, but it totally ignores class power and the political, economic, ideological, and repressive tools the ruling class has available to preserve its rule and its privileges. 


Yves Engler
Hi friends, below is an open letter calling on countries to vote no to Canada's UN Security Council bid.
Asbjørn Wahl
Trucks en route

May 14,2020 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Socialist Project — The transport sector represents one of the most serious challenges when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, which are increasing faster than from any other sector in society – and at an ever-increasing pace (over 120 per cent globally over the last 30 years – and still increasing in all parts of the world).

Arundhati Roy
Corona Virus - India

APRIL 3 2020

The novelist on how coronavirus threatens India — and what the country, and the world, should do next 

Who can use the term “gone viral” now without shuddering a little? Who can look at anything any more — a door handle, a cardboard carton, a bag of vegetables — without imagining it swarming with those unseeable, undead, unliving blobs dotted with suction pads waiting to fasten themselves on to our lungs?

Alex Nguyen
Cleaner - low paid essential workers

MAY 14, 2020

Physical distance makes campaigns difficult but not impossible, says union

Despite providing vital services and risking their well-being just by going to work, many previously “invisible” private-sector employees — like janitors, personal support workers and truckers — now deemed essential are still among the most overworked and underpaid.

In response, Services Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2 has launched a national unionization drive for these essential workers.

David Fairey Co-Chair, BC Employment Standards Coalition
Vancouver Coastal Health declared a COVID-19 outbreak at the United Poultry Co. -Google Maps
From: David Fairey
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2020
Subject: Paid Sick Leave Days Campaign Petition & May 21st Day of Action
Please sign our Coalition online petition to the BC government at the link in the e-mail below, and share the link with your networks. Here is a link to an opinion piece on the need for paid sick leave published in The Province newspaper May 3rd:
Andrea Pinochet-Escudero and Derrick O’Keefe
In 2016, Syrian refugee families stayed at the 2400 Motel, which is on city-owned land along Kingsway.

[A link to the open letter is included near the bottom of the article. There is an option for individuals and organizations to sign on as endorsers.]

May 14th, 2020 

“When push comes to shove, we’re able to support people. So, why don’t we do that all the time?”

This rhetorical question is from B.C.'s human rights commissioner, Kasari Govender, in an article in which she describes homelessness as a “massive public health problem”. 


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