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Last year, just over six million tonnes of U.S. coal passed through Vancouver ports. DAN PRAT

Today, [ April 26th, 2017] Premier Christy Clark wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking a ban on thermal-coal exports through B.C. ports.

She's crafted this political response to the Trump administration's plan to impose countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber bound for the United States.

First Nations Leaders

From: Jaime Sanchez
Sent: April-06-17 2:34 PM
Subject: Musqueam Press Release: Musqueam isn’t celebrating with BC regarding George Massey Tunnel Removal and Bridge Project
Importance: High



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Listen to Carol Day, Richmond City Councillor, talking about the proposed new bridge here: at  the 01:40:30 point on the audio of April 5, 2017

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Protesters posing as B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone, right, and Port Metro Vancouver President Robin Silvester forced a planned 'celebration' of the new bridge construction indoors. (Denis Dossman/CBC)

'Celebration' was planned to mark start of construction of bridge to replace George Massey Tunnel

A pre-election photo op to "celebrate" the start of construction on the $3.5-billion bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel did not go as planned for B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone on Wednesday.

The event, featuring local politicians and other supporters of the megaproject, was supposed to be held outside, with a backhoe ready to break ground.


[Editor's note: An issue for this year's provincial election - what can we do to stop this bridge?]

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Millions of people die every year from diseases caused by exposure to outdoor air pollution1


[Webpage editor: 'Side' with Mayors? Why not oppose and  publicly campaign against  this expensive, anti-transit, pro-LNG project?]

March 17, 2017 - The B.C. New Democrats will side with Metro mayors wary about a proposed $3.5-billion bridge over the Fraser River if they win power in the looming provincial election.

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[Wepage editors note: More evidence that the Trudeau Liberal government is 'more of the same'] 

The Massey Tunnel replacement project will not be subject to a federal environmental review, according to a letter sent to Metro Vancouver’s board of directors.


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Dec 22, 2016 - After spending the past 13 months focused on international and national climate negotiations, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna will turn her attention in 2017 to the more prosaic work of implementation – ensuring that what was agreed to at high-profile political summits is acted upon.

The pan-Canadian climate agreement signed earlier this month by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and 11 provincial and territorial premiers includes a plan for Ottawa to impose a carbon price on provinces that refuse to adopt their own by 2018.

Eric Doherty

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Christy Clark and most of Canada’s premiers recently signed the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. “Framework” is a good title for this agreement — it is barely a start on what is needed. But it contains a policy shift that could dramatically reduce climate pollution from transportation.


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